Anna Leymergie’s Lampe L redefines what lamps can look like

If you know anything about lamps, you know that they are
supposed to be upright installations that feature a base and a shade. Most regular
lamps in fact are used to create diffused light around the room without hitting
the beholder right in the eye. Of late, however, lamps have been given the designer
treatment and today lamps are designed to serve more as decorative pieces
rather than just lighting fixtures.

But, even the most modern and outrageous of all table lamps
have one serious drawback- they are designed to occupy a lot of space on your
tables and can topple over with the slightest of touch. And that is precisely
what Anna Leymergie’s Lampe L aims at preventing.

You see, the lamp was designed to be draped over angles like
table edges, shelf edges and even the edges of countertops and stairs. 

The hand
stitched lamp is made using white oak wood, linen yarn, Japanese paper and rattan
which make the craft piece all the more organic and natural looking.

Leymergie hasn’t revealed what makes the L lamp cling onto
edges but we have to say it looks rather spectacular draped over edges of
tables while its cocoon like visage adds a surprising look to the décor that it
adorns as well.

The fact that the lamp is made using delicate yet sturdy
materials also allows the designer to juxtapose and contrast the properties of the
natural fabrics and materials used in the lamp while the linen fabric diffuses the
light into a soft glow that fills up the room beautifully. Thanks to the cling-on mechanism, the lamp can be placed on
tables that do not have enough space to house a regular sized lamp base on it.

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