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Creative use of bottles to house the décor with style

Rebuild, reinvent and recycle work of Jerry Kott has always been commendable. Remember his amazing work of Khrysalis Light Sculpture made from recycled bottle? Extending his experiment with the bottles, Jerry has designed yet another décor made from recycled bottled. Made just for the pleasure sake, Jerry plays artistically with these bottles. Designed like the skull of deer, the glass is etched with the matte versus polished surface engraved with three different patterns. The patterns include combination of stripe, zigzag and dot, or completely stripped pattern or the dotted pattern.

Engraved in two different styles of aluminum horns are deer and steer and the skull is offered in different colors. The Deer has the branch and the steer has a very subtle stripe that is distressed into the aluminum rod. Hang it on the wall or make it a part of center table, the skull enhances the décor with style.