Dead architectural buildings will now virtually come alive

Dead architectural buildings

Watching a magnificent cathedral or a magnanimous tree house equipped with deck and pool that exists only in virtual space can really be intriguing. The University of Western Australia has opened up a gallery named as ‘Augmented Reality’ that showcases creative local architectures, which never got built in reality for some reasons or another.

The technology

Architectural students at the university are working on harnessing augmented reality technology that can offer us the liberty to experience the creativity of man-made marvels of engineering. For instance, if you tilt or rotate your device (phone/tablet/laptop), the image will move so that you can virtually experience walking around it.

The project

In the augmented reality, you will get to see many projects that can create a sensation within you. The most splendid project is the Nevi Cathedral design commissioned by Benedictine monks in 1958. Its architectural design even won accolades in New York and Italy. Assistant Professor Van Meeuwen who teaches advanced computing at the university quotes,

The Nervi Cathedral has been an amazing discovery of a building that was about to be lost to time. The students have literally resurrected it for the future.

Virtual reconstruction

Group of students at University of Western Australia are trying to virtually reconstruct 40 architectural buildings that had a significant cultural impact but were not constructed because of various reasons in an exhibition called ‘Unbuilt Perth’ which will run from 6th March to 16th March at the Cullity gallery at University of Western Australia’s Nedlands campus on Clifton Street.

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