U shaped kitchen designs

If the monotony of your conventional kitchen design is boring you, then it is time for a renovation. These days, U shaped kitchens are very much in vogue. These kitchens have an edge over the conventional kitchen designs. They are ergonomically designed and allow greater ease of mobility. Let us have a look at some of the exemplary ones compiled here for you.

Pedini Kitchen: New Integra U shaped kitchen

This breathtaking U shaped kitchen design is a perfect solution for those who wish to have their kitchens scientifically built. Thus, the U shape of this kitchen is based on human friendly principles. It seems to understand that neither human beings follow a pattered movement nor they move in straight lines. Aesthetically, the appeal of this Pedini Integra U shaped kitchen has also been kept minimal. The black and white combination prevalent in this kitchen décor along with metallic detailing adds sophistication and style. The U shaped design also helps you get things within your accessible range.

New Milea ergonomically shaped kitchen

This U shaped kitchen is an innovative step of Milea. A perfect semi circle is what you will be able to see once you take an instant glance at it. Designed for those who spend most of their time in kitchen, this design makes things available within the accessible range. It also aims at making the kitchen area fume and odor free so that it becomes more of a living space. The added advantage of this kitchen is incorporation of smaller details like glass shelf atop the breakfast counter, wooden furniture and fixtures, exhaust vent with a stainless steel hood and wood and lacquer laminated counters. All these give this kitchen the functional splendor of a futuristic kitchen.

Cult kitchen by Rational

This Cult kitchen décor gives the feel of the kitchen of a five star hotel. The earthly tones, incorporation of matte finish horizontal lines and combination of pale and dark color, work toward its attractive looks. The functional part of this kitchen design is taken care by the glass paneled cabinets, smooth oak wood accents, extra roomy drawers and back light system. The use of this lighting system not only works toward illuminating the work place, but also gives the kitchen an enigmatic look.

Urban kitchen designs from Copat

Copat kitchen design is more inclined toward making the kitchen a living area. It is thus a great solution for the urban dwellers who suffer from lack of available space in their apartments. The handiest feature of this kitchen is that it offers a built in style and can be installed in any space. The conical U shape of this kitchen décor provides options for dining too along with the usual kitchen chores. Further, the chairs are deliberately kept low height so that they get easily slipped inside the wooden table top. Thus, your walkable space is never jeopardized. The built-in drawers also serve to stack in things and help to keep the counter clean when work is over.

Contemporary kitchen design from Gatto Cucine with U shape

This highly functional kitchen with its trademark U shape is yet another great option for contemporary living. Together with comfort of getting things within the reach this ergonomic kitchen design also boosts up the décor of the house. Gatto Cuisine, the maker of this kitchen, never compromised on the selection of materials while creating the same. Therefore, only high quality steel, wood and marbles have been used for the cook top, sinks, furniture and fixture of the same.

Modern Lacquer kitchen U shaped

Native to China, this astounding U shaped kitchen design is a creation of the brand, 90 degrees. The tan shade of this kitchen with its white detailing adds glamour to its look. The wall mounting cabinets with closed shutters ensure that the things you stack inside them will never hamper the aesthetics of the same. However, a cabinet with glass shutters is there in order to showcase beautiful crockery and cutlery. The back light installed at this cabinet works toward imparting a mysterious ambiance to this kitchen. The modular cabinets, backsplash drawer basket, granite kitchen top and PVC membrane of the cabinets take care of durability and extended functional features.

High gloss kitchen U shaped

This hi-gloss U shaped kitchen decor with purposeful mixture of hi tones and pale hues give it a rich look. This kitchen serves as a composite cooking and dining area. But the maker, Sunhouse had been clever to segregate the sections by incorporation of different color schemes. So, while bright red is visible in the work area the dining section is given natural wood tone. The functional part is also quite impressive, where lacquered PVC cabinet shutters, bake painted walls, wooden dining section and artificial granite work area are predominant.

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