Décor and maintenance ideas to increase the worth of your home

Putting up your house in market is only worthwhile if it gives you the highest returns. Just getting your property evaluated by a property expert might not be enough, for his evaluation will only reflect at its best the actual condition your house stands in. Therefore, it is wise to first upgrade the condition of your house, so that you are able to attract a few extra bucks from the buyers. Here are a few tricks that you might like to try out to make your property more appealing to them.

Inspect the house

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The first task that you must carry on before getting your house to the market is to make thorough inspection of the premises. This will let you gauge the areas of problems in the house and get them resolved accordingly. The things only get more acute if the house is aging. Take the services of an experienced engineer or an architect to locate the areas of problems. All this does involve some monetary expenditure on you, but you will ultimately realize that this expenditure will reap benefits.

Clean the house properly

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An unkempt property is an eyesore to the visitor. A sorry spectacle of trees that have not been pruned or the grass that has not been mowed or flower beds with withered plants will give an impression that the house was not well looked after and is bound to put off a prospective buyer. Get the gardens in order, and clear any smelly and leaky sewerage and debris of refuse from both within and around the boundary wall.

Paint the house

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A fresh coat of paint will give your house younger look and brighten it up. Painting also gives you an opportunity to fill in cracks and crevices on the walls, thus making it more appealing. You can go for diverse color scheme while carrying out the repairs. Do not forget to clean all the brass fittings like door handles and knobs to give them a new look.

Minor fixtures and repairs

 Necessary repairs

Breakages and leakages are a routine part of house maintenance. These things however minor they may be will leave a bad impression on visitors. They are bound to devalue your property in their mind. Revamp broken window glasses, leaking pipes, worn out tiles, cracked walls, floor and all the areas that attract your attention. Also, take care to repair the points of dampness in the house.

Give a face-lift

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Remodeling the interiors, changing the old and worn out bathroom and kitchen fittings as well as electricity fittings like switches, sockets and bulb holders will rejuvenate your house. Remember that bathroom and kitchen are two places that are the subject of pointed inspection of the buyer when he comes to see your house. If you can afford, add new lamp and shades. They will add a touch of modernity to your house and will certainly leverage your bargaining power against the buyer.

Go Green

 home interior_ Potted plants

Bring in new plants to grow and revamp your lawn with new grasses. A property surrounded with well-trained vegetation is always a treat to the eyes and an evidence of a house well looked after.

Do not over indulge

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As is the Agade, the excess of everything is bad. Therefore, do not over do anything. You are making the house more presentable to the visitor and your work and repairs should reflect on the face of the property. Keeping your budget in mind and the considerations like how much will the fresh exercises on the house translate into monetary benefits, you must plan accordingly. Remember, squeezing of lemon must be worth its juice.

You must keep certain consideration in mind before your go out to sell your house. A well-planned and rational approach on the subject together with some expert advice will certainly make your house a prized treasure.

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