Decoration ideas for a swank studio apartment

Studio apartment is nothing but an open plan apartment with no separate living, dining or bedroom area. The owner has to designate different areas for sitting, dining and sleeping according to their convenience. Despite their small sizes, studio apartments are quite popular and loved by artistic young people.

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It offers the opportunity of showing your creativity through decorating. Studio apartments do not have much space for storage or elaborate decoration, which makes decorating it a challenging task. In the following, some excellent ideas for decorating your studio apartments have been discussed.

Create a bed loft

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If the ceiling of your studio apartment is considerably high then create a loft bedroom. Hire professionals for doing the task or ask your constructor to add the extra loft while building the apartment. The loft bedroom will leave plenty of floor space for you to freely move around and give you some privacy while sleeping. Get a side table to keep your essential stuffs in the loft. You will find low cost beds that come with storage unit. Buying a bed with hydraulic lift storage system will solve your space problem.

Neutrals and pastels

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Several shades of pastel look very chic and urban when paired with white or off-white. Paint the walls in neutral and lighter shades but add more character by accentuating the walls with strips of brighter pastel hues. You can also create wall art by hiring a pro artist or use stencils for decorating the walls. Lighter hues make your studio apartment look more spacious than it is. Light colors do not absorb as much light as the darker shades, and that is why your apartment will appear to be brighter.

Calculation is a must

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As you only have one big room, which you will have to use as living, dining, kitchen and bedroom, calculation is a must. You have to calculate exactly how much place each of the furniture pieces will take and make sure that there is sufficient space for moving about. The space should not look too crowded. When you swipe your eye across the room it should not be stuck by any piece of furniture that stands oddly out from the rest.

Devote a corner to yourself

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A home is not home if there is no space for your personal time. Create a cozy corner, preferably near the natural source of light. Window seats with storage underneath can be a good option. A rocking chair with small area rug can also make your home look more comfy and personal. For making the cozy corner even more personal, you should devote the nearest wall to photos of your family and dear ones.

Modular furniture

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When there is an acute lack of space, you will have to buy furniture that can be used in two to three ways. Sofa beds, storage stools and drop leaf tables will take less space when not in use and make more floor space available for you. Also if budget permits get a modular kitchen unit. Modular kitchens have lots of storage space and they are very flexible.

Organize and divide

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Wall racks and shelves are your best friend for making the studio apartment look more organized. If your budget is tight get some peg boards on the walls and fix small wood planks with it. Arrange knickknacks on the wooden boards. You may also use wicker boxes for keeping toys of your toddler or use it for keeping laundered clothes. Use foldable screens or dividers for separating the living and sleeping zones.


Decorating studio apartments can be very difficult as the space is limited. You should buy modular furniture and storage units for making the cramped apartment look more spacious and organized.

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