How to Design your Home Office in a Sustainable Manner

“Going green” is a great service you may do to save the Mother Earth and its precious natural resources. While people find several ways to adopt green practices in their offices, you can do the same in your home office too. In fact, working in a home office is itself a green practice, as it helps you to save on the transportation fuel, energy and money spent on going to your actual office. Find out some other ways through which you can make your home office contribute to the environment.

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Save resources by using your home office

Commuting to your office not only requires money and transportation options, but also makes you face dangerous vehicle emissions and fumes. You can save yourself from all this harm by working from your home office at times. Instead of facing vehicle emissions, you can actually go to a nearby coffee shop in the morning so you may receive fresh air and do some walking exercise. Then, you can come back to spend quality time in your home office, saving both your financial as well as health resources.

Make your home office environment greener

Keep your home office lit up by natural light whenever possible. During daytime, you should keep your room’s windows open so natural light and fresh air may enter your home office. This also saves the power consumed by air-conditioning or heating equipment used in your home office. You should also keep your space cleaned up using greener products that are free of chemicals. It will save you from inhaling chemicals all through the day. Additionally, opt to use energy-efficient appliances in your home office.

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Go for green furniture

You should also choose greener furniture options for your home office. Instead of selecting particleboard, you may opt for furniture items that do not emit volatile organic compounds. You can go for sustainable wood or recycled metal options while buying furniture for your home office. Additionally, make sure that you do not paint your home office furniture items with toxic finishes. You should also try to repurpose furniture for multiple uses within your home. This way, you will be able to help yourself, as well as your environment.

Conserve office supplies

It is a great idea to go paperless during your efforts to conserve office supplies while working from your home office. While many of us do not pay attention to this aspect while working in our bosses’ offices, it should become a concern for us. You can do away with your paper bills and communication if you move such tasks to the Internet, emails, etc. try communicating through virtual modes and avoid filling up your drawers with unwanted files and papers. Move your records and save information on secured drives using cloud services. This also helps you to save valuable space in your home office.

Thus, going green is not confined to help your environment through greener practices followed in your home office. However, you are also helping yourself in a healthier way.


Following sustainable practices in your home office lets you enjoy healthy work atmosphere, while allowing you play your part in sustaining the environment. Therefore, you should be careful while planning or choosing the furniture and other items for your home office.

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