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Desinger Tables: Series 2

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Metro Corner Table: Really the Metro Corner Table is funky as well as practical to keep it in corner. This handy table comes in a solid yompa wood with chrome legs which will blend in well with any room design and color scheme. It is available in natural color or coffee been color.
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Thinology table:
A collection made with a technique of forcing by hand a laser cutout of sheet steel to form a three-dimensional object, while it does not break or ‘forget’ its flat origin. It is of painted sheet steel or stainless steel, and steel tube.

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Artelano patricia urquiola table: The Artelano patricia urquiola has four variations of the damasco table, which combines damask fabric patterns with Asian silkscreen illustrations to create an amazing lacquered-inlay table. Each table is made of wenge stained oak and has a lacquered inlay available in a choice of white or grey. It is available as a coffee table, a round dinning table, a square dining table and as a expandable dinning table.

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Synaps table: This is really unique shaped table, which is quite suitable for public space table, reading table, conference table and management table

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Fly Coffee table: Mehmet Ermiyagil designed this unique shaped table. You can use it in your drawing room as coffee table.