How to make your own DIY sofa-bed

Sofa bed

There are several reasons why a person would want a sofa bed in their living room or home office. These sofa beds function as sofa, as well as a bed depending upon the way you want to use them. These are useful even in the case when you want to keep a bit of sleeping space in your home office. Your guests will be more than pleased to sleep on the sofa bed rather than on a sleeping pad or some blow up mattress. Whatever may be the reason, you can simply follow the steps given below to make your own sofa bed. However, if you are of the opinion that limited space won’t allow you to have style and creativity in your living space, then you are certainly mistaken. Just use your imagination in order to bring your personality to the forefront.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Time required: around 1 hour

Resources required

  1. Twin bed (without headboard)
  2. Bed skirt
  3. Bedspread
  4. Extra box spring or mattress
  5. Pillows (large and small)


1. Build up the twin bed

The first thing that you need to do is to build up the twin bed, this can be done with the help of a spare, twin-size mattress or box spring. If the twin bed is lower, then it will not look like a sofa bed, that is why we use the extra box spring which makes the twin bed stand higher making it look more like a sofa. Also, if the twin bed has a headboard, then it won’t be looking like a sofa bed during the day. Therefore, you have to make sure that the twin bed which you are preparing doesn’t have a headboard.

2. Select an appropriate bedspread

Now, this part may seem very easy but this is equally important as anything else because the bedspread will play a great role in making your sofa appear like a bed whenever required, therefore, it is very important that the bedspread which you are planning to buy must not only have the appearance of a sofa cover, but also it may go well with the bed skirt. The key to this problem is very simple, all you need to do is make sure that all the accessories of your sofa bed coordinate with each other, just as you would have done for a bedspread or sofa.

3. Put the bed skirt on the bottom of the bed

The next thing that you need to do is use the bed skirt. The bed skirt plays an important role in making your bed look more like a sofa during the day, all you need to do is put this bed skirt on the bottom of your sofa bed just like you would for a normal twin-size bed.

4. Arrange the pillows along the back of the twin-size bed

Finally, you have to arrange the pillows on your sofa bed. Arrange these pillows against the wall, along the back of the twin-sized bed. You will definitely want something comfortable around the place where you put your arms, so add the comfy pillows on the sides of the bed. No matter whether they are small or big, these pillows reflect the style of your room, so you have an opportunity to let your personality out in a better way when picking the pillows. During the night when you are using the sofa as a bed, you can place these pillows on the floor. In morning when you need your sofa back, simply replace the pillows at their original position and you are done.

Frequently asked question

Q. How can I know that whether a particular sofa bed is comfortable or not?

A. Not everyone wants to make sofa bed by their own, many of them prefer to purchase market ready sofa beds, however, in such situations the ‘comfort’ factor is often compromised. There are certain things which you need to keep in mind while buying your sofa bed in order to make sure that it is comfortable.

  • Read the reviews of the owners of the sofa bed which you are considering to buy. You can get access to such reviews on the website of the company.
  • Avoid those sofa beds which have multiple metal support bars or springs running underneath the mattress as they can cause lumps, uneven surfaces and painful pressure points.
  • The best way to determine the comfort level of any furniture is to try them by yourself, so its better to go to the store in person and have a closer look at the sofa which you want to buy.

Quick tips

The sofa bed is useful either way and is definitely a great piece for a room that needs to be converted from home office to a guest bedroom.

You have to be careful while choosing the fabric for your sofa bed. The fabric must be such that it suits with your household and all the family members including your pet and at the same time, it must be comfortable. Rule the fabric out, if it is scratchy or any other such thing is associated with it.

Things to watch out for

Don’t be too much generous while placing the pillows on the sofa because if the pillows are in excess then you have to find another home for them when the sofa is being used as a bed. This is especially stressful if the sofa bed is placed in a small compartment or guest room.

If the metalwork of the sofa bed gets severely damaged, then you may require a new sofa bed mattress mechanism.

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