Easy craft ideas for kids that they can make at home

Easy craft ideas for kids

As you might know, art and craft ideas assist in the development of fine motor skills that are essential for your kids as they grow up. They help promote interaction and also better their language skills. So why not interact with kids to make some interesting craft décor. Let’s get see some of the easy craft ideas for kids to make at home and help improve the little one’s imaginary skills.

Colorful DIY key wind chimes.

DIY key wind chimesThis one craft looks most beautiful on your wall. And also, you can make it gift someone too. Kids will enjoy making it. With the craft like this, we teach kids to give life to the old items, which, at times, could be a lot of fun. By using old stuff in making something interesting, we teach our children to see garbage in a new light. They will definitely love this idea and want to make it again and again. Let’s see how to make it.


  • Some old keys – at least 5
  • a piece of stick
  • chords
  • shades of acrylic paints


  • Paint the key with different colors. Ask your child to colorthe keys and the stick with their choice of colors. Put two coats to get the perfect color.
  • Help your child to tie a piece of the chord to all the keys and tie them with the wooden stick making sure that they are close enough toringand gives a nice tweet when the wind blows.
  • Tie two pieces of the chord to bothends of the stick to hang it properly and your innovativewind chime is ready. Hang it, gift it and enjoy it and hear the nice sound every time the wind blows.

Cherry blossom with tissue paper

This nice décor idea will give you a feeling of kick winter in the face and remind you that spring is just around the corner. This is a simple craft idea with household items and with this colorful décor idea; your kid will want to make it again and again.

Materials required:-


This one has the easiest method. First, take out the cherry blossom tree pattern. You can just print it out. Then cut tissue papers and ask your kiddo to crush it to make little flowers. With the help of glue, stick it onto your tree pattern and your cherry blossom is ready. This is the easiest way to decorate your house. You can frame it or else just place it wherever you want. It will go to highlight your homeand add a spark to it.

Bubble painting

Kids love blowing bubblesBubble painting is famous among the kids and this is quick and easy home decor crafts for kids which they can make easily at home in no time. Kids love blowing bubbles. You just need to utilize their fun moments in creating this. Makemultiples cups of bubbles with the help of dish wash soap and water and paint. As the kids blow the bubbles, ask them to lay the paper on the bubble to imprint the pattern of bubbles.

Repeat this with different color to fill thepaper and your fun project bubble painting is ready. With this, craft your ideas into book covers, cards,and interesting bookmarks. You can also form the bubble to make a canvas and after frame it to decorate your house. It will give a different flavor to your house with the touch of your child’s creativity and hard work.

Cupcakes liner flowers

The most creative décor ideas for your home. Your kid will be keen on making this as these flowers are easy to make and they look fantastic.  The easiest craft ideas for kids with paper that kids will love to make. You can take any colored cupcakes liner to make these pretty flowers. Ask your kid to select the color of their choice. They look pretty on their own, or you can glue them onto a gift card or decorate your home. Let’s see how to make it. 

Material required:-


  • fold the cupcake liner four times to make an eight petals flowers
  • Cut its edges to make a curve shape so that it looks like the petal of a distant flower. Repeatwith the small cupcake liner too.
  • Open the liner and attachthe two with the help of glue stick the two cupcakes liner so that it looks like a flower and put a yellow stone at the middle.
  • With the help of green paper, make two leaves; attach it to the popsicle stick.
  • Now attach the flower with the Popsicle stick at the back of the flower and your cupcake liner flower is ready.

These look beautiful, pretty and give your home a fresh feel.

Tin can windsocks

recycle tin-canThis one is the simplest craft for your little one. When your child doesn’t have the mood to do anything and is feeling bored, try out this easy windsock making a craft to them. They will love the idea and you just need some items to make this craft. Use some old tin can and you can recycle it by making it look beautiful to decorate the walls of your house. Stuff like recycled cans, paint, glue,and ribbon to make this beautiful piece of art and craft.

Paper doilies banner

Paper doily banner is definitely the kid’scraft. It looks beautiful when you décor your home with it.It’s the most innovative craft ideas for kids with paper.Instruct your kids and they will contribute and enjoy doing it. It’ssimple and you just need some of them to easily decorate your wall.


  • Heart shaped paper doilies
  • watercolor paints (and/or dot dabbers … markers would work great too),
  • glue
  • red yarn


  • Ask your little one to first paint all the doilies with the color of their choice. You can mix match colors and paint it also. You don’t have to paint with just one color. Use your kid’s imagination to give nice textures and pattern.
  • Allow it to dry and with the help of red yarn, stick all the doilies on it with a glue Stick extra doilies behind each doily to give it support and your doilies are ready.

You can hang it in any room of your house.And this craft idea with household items involves no cost in making.

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