High Chair Tur Tur – Taking children’s imagination to new heights

Tur Tur high chair

When it comes to selecting furniture for children’s room, it becomes a difficult choice as the furniture requires to have all elements of fun, creativity, playfulness and thought-stirring. But now, you may not need to worry as all these elements are themselves sitting on this high chair Tur Tur! A unique creation by the German designer Eric Degenhardt, Tur Tur is a masterpiece chair that makes children view the whole world around them from a height. This high chair is the latest addition to the collection of children’s furniture offered by Richard Lampert. Its enormous look can take kids’ thoughts and imagination to a newer space.

Tur Tur not only provides an excellent overview of the surrounding to children, but also gives them the sense of safety and comfort. It acts like a piece of furniture but can be turned into a creativity zone, a chill-out play thing, or a multifunctional object for kids. Make the child sit on this high chair and he may feel like a crowned prince or princess. Children can make it a hide-and-seek game tool or a picnic tent if the structure is covered by a fabric. They may also sit inside the steel frame on the floor end and get a cozy home’s feel. Tur Tur motivates them to do numerous things with this structure and puts no limit to their imagination.

The high chair Tur Tur is usable both inside and outside the house, because it can easily be shifted to another place. It can also be used to store children’s stuff as its steps have shelves in varied sizes. Inside or outside it, a lot of things can conveniently be stocked. You may put rackets and balls, sportswear, skateboards, footwear, books and toys on these shelves. Tur Tur could be one of the coolest gifts for any kid.

Via: Richard Lampert

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