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Designing men’s apartment can sometimes be a hard task. Home décor is not their cup of tea. It always inclines towards the feminine side. But that doesn’t mean that you should only use brown and tint tones in your home. There are some men who love to get their home lively. So why not make your home dynamic by taking into consideration some Interior design ideas for men’s apartment. They are easy and very useful.

Plan according to personality

Plan according to personalityBefore you start with designing the house, find about the personality of a person living in it. What does he like? Is he is a sports fan? Does he love historical and antique items? Is he easy going or very reserved? This will help you make the correct plan for the house and what all feel it should have. The house should reflect his personality.

One of the interior design ideas for single man is themed based plan like favorite photos, hobbies like fishing or other objects to decorate with. This should have meaning to him and can convey his experience and likings when placed in the room.

Start with new

If you are thinking of small apartment ideas for guys, take out as much stuff out of the room as possible, so that you can arrange and create your own space.  If you start with the old stuff in the room, there are chances of getting stuck in the same format. So firstly remove all the old stuff. If you do not want some of your favorite things to be replaced, keep it aside so that that it can be incorporated inside the room again.

Paint the Walls and Choose Fabrics

Paint the Walls and Choose FabricsIt is said that men inclined towards shades of blue, green and red. You can choose among these shades to paint and give a nice texture to your wall. Green is the color associated with nature and wealth. It will give a nice soothing effect. Whereas, you can also go for red color which evokes intensity and power which off course will admire. Yes, Men love these shades and if you want, you can create different shades and pattern with it according to their taste and personality. Choose materials such as quality leather that can survive in night long party in case of any spills.

Furniture and entertainment goes hand in hand

Some men love the concept of royal furniture added to their home while some love the simple ideas. You can include both in the interior design ideas for single man apartments. Pick furniture which is simple yet looks royal and elegant. Have space for wall mounting racks and TV unit. Choose from the variety of shades from dark, heavy woods which provides the furniture a masculine look. Glass and metals give a clearer and solid appearance.

Small spaces can also be utilized for entertainment purpose as well; whether to watch the game, a movie or your favorite tournament. With the wall mounting TV unit, you can arrange a sitting space by choosing the sofa or chair which allows you to stretch out as well. There is this newly designed recliner which you can adjust which gives royal and comfortable appearance at the same time.

Bedroom space

Having a calm and peaceful bedroom is all men want. A comfy bed to lie after a tiring day should be the priority. Don’t skip on the mattress by just buying a normal mattress. It’s one thing you should pay attention before purchasing. After all, comfort is an important aspect.

Coming to the walls, palette of white, gray and red should be considered to give a nice effect. One of the important aspects is to incorporate technology into guy’s bedroom design. This is one thing most of the guys like, laying down on the bed and enjoying their favorite stuff on TV without getting disrupted.

Dining area

Being bachelor doesn’t mean that you cannot have one. You can have a small yet stylish dining table. A best Bachelor pad ideas 2018 is including a bistro set can be a nice idea to combine with and give away that attractive and modern look. If you want you can also add nice dark shades of chair pads to go along the bistro set.

Kitchen setup

Kitchen setupKitchen has to be open and airy. Keep as less as you can. Men always tend to become moody when it comes to cooking. A small galley kitchen provides enough spaces with tonnes of bright colors. You can add classic yet modern accessories. It gives you an urban feel with matches with ones character.

Bathroom setup

Bachelor bathroom setup can be slightly less choosy and more functional space than some others. Accessories should be chosen which can be easily cleaned as man is not particularly good at cleaning. Men’s bathroom should reveal a clean and classic look.  Accessories should be in white and grey shades to keep a modern touch. You can have an addition to the shelving spaces and a small table to arrange your stuff.

Don’t Forget the Bar area

Don't Forget the Bar area

A bar counter is the essential part of bachelors apartment. But, just because of lack of space, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a bar area in your home. For a small space apartment, you can arrange with wall mounted racks and cabinets, it can be made at any small sides and corner of your house. One of the best ideas is to tuck in spare shelves beneath the staircase. It can be converted into the nice bar area.

Don’t overstuff

Do not add unwanted stuff or accessories in the room as it looks cluttered and messy. If you want, you can add some greens to your space, indoor plants or a large vase of bamboo. It will give a nice texture and makes you close to nature.

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