When do you need a dehumidifier in your home?

When do you need a dehumidifier in your home

Maintaining a proper humidity level in your house is very important. Lack of moisture can cause dryness while too much moisture invites mold and mildew which can leads to health issues as well. Dehumidifier plays an important role in this. Using it can help suck the excess moisture out of the air making your space healthy and hygiene. But people often get confused as for when do you need a dehumidifier. However, there are some signs your house shows that can help you know whether you need one or not.

Mold spots in the ceiling and corner walls

MoldOne of the easiest ways to find the sign of moisture is to spot mold stains. Because of the steam rises and lack of ventilation, bathroom, ceiling, and corners can easily effect.

Can you notice black spots near these areas, if you do, there is a mold problem? Mold grows behind the bath or showers surrounding, around the toilet. Make sure to use exhaust fan after every shower. If you find any ventilation issues, fix it soon. Running a dehumidifier in these areas can be a good idea as it will lessen the amount of moisture.

A dehumidifier helps controlling room humidity.  But you have to find a permanent solution to fix those spots in your room. Finding a repair solution of removing mold in your rooms, you must use paint which is specially used to defy mildew and molds. It will be easy for you to repair an issue with a few old spots than to wait, as it can spread.


Due to excess moisture, you may notice the beads of water and fog in the glasses and windows. This is the problem caused by having a bigger dehumidifier or working overtime. This will provide too much moisture and wetness to your room which affects the wooden cases. This again leads the mold to grow in the window trim and shield and form its place.

Try to replace that dehumidifier with the size of the room. It will help in controlling room humidity. There is dehumidifier available in different sizes for different rooms from which you can choose to maintain the correct moisture level.

Musty smell and odor

Musty smell and odorWhenever you find that musty smell in your house, you know that molds have formed its place in your house. It’s because of the problem of moisture which is not at all healthy. The problem can cause by construction ceiling issues, or if there is seepage from water ground. A humidifier can help removal of excess moisture which can conceal the musty and ugly smell from returning.

There are some other ways you should carry out if you discover your home musty and smelly.

  • Repair any construction issue if you find one which is causing too much moisture.
  • If you find any mold, get it removed immediately so that doesn’t create many problems in future as it spreads.
  • Check the stack of clothes and your laundry room, if you find musty smell, there are chances of molds, which might damage your clothes.
  • You can also go for an ozone machine to remove the musty smell from the rooms.

Rotten or crackling wood

Wooden furniture that holds moisture for too long will start to rot. As a result, it invites pest and termites, which affects the wood and starts to rot in your home.  This is again a sign that there is excess moisture in the area. And that you should run the humidifier in these places.

Run your dehumidifier to help remove the surplus moisture from the air and controlling room humidity. Check with all the wooden work if it needs to be replaced as soon as possible. As you know that the pest and termites spread fast and can harm not only the wood but walls, window shields and wood floors too.


allergyThose people who are continuously going through an allergic problem, it’s time to take it seriously. It may be due to your indoor air quality. Excess moisture, which gives rise to mold and spores, can also cause allergy. We often think that allergy is created by outdoor allergens but sometimes indoor allergen can be more dangerous than outdoor.

It’s time to think if you are breathing clean air at your home. If you find that there is a problem in the air inside or you are having any breathing issue, a dehumidifier is the best option. Try running the dehumidifier to remove allergens from the air, so that you can breathe properly.  You can observe the difference. Also, maintaining the correct humid level at home can help prevent skin dryness and respiratory issues.

Damp basement

Basement is the one place which suffers from high humidity. Look around your basement and you will often feel dampness or humidity level relatively higher than other areas of your home. It is because the basement is damp and moisture leak through the foundation and it can enter through leakage. Again it will help molds to grow and hamper your basement.

Using dehumidifiers in the basement helps to tackle the problem. A basement humidifier tackles the ecological challenges present to increase moisture in these subversive areas.  Gather knowledge about the basement dehumidifier which protects your home, portable and budget friendly too.

Advantage of dehumidifier

Budget-friendlyUsing a dehumidifier can guard your home. It saves everything in your home including wood, windows, cracks, rust, molds to grow leading to various health issues. All because of humidity. Here are some benefits which compel you to buy one for yourself.

  • Protects your home
  • Makes you feel comfortable
  • Can be used in any room which comes in all size
  • Improve air quality
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy maintenance

In a way, a dehumidifier can prevent your home from getting deteriorate day by day and making help create a better living environment for your loved ones.

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