Home Off Beat Ecotypic Bed: Green, soothing, entertaining and much more!

Ecotypic Bed: Green, soothing, entertaining and much more!

ecotypic bed

Wish to give your home green and lively treat? Check out the GREEN bed by Arthur Xin! The bed as the name hints let you go green by letting you grow plants on! Coolest brainwave for indoor planting, the ‘Ecotypic Bed’ is unlike the traditional bed is a garden cum entertainment hub. The bed features a flower box, and is capable of growing various plants spreading freshness all around. I don’t think you’ll need air conditioner anymore with Ecotypic bed around!


The bed has lots more to offer! It comes with integrated speakers to let you enjoy the soothing music when you lay your head on your pillow. And there is an LED light underneath besides letting you read your favorite book does the task of providing light to let plants grow. There is a sport ring under the bed that generates kinetic energy. To wrap up, this eco-chic bed is one lavish treat your contemporary home deserves.

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Via: Yankodesign