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Elaxa chair: A contemporary vintage


Elaxa chair by Velichko Velikov is one of the trendiest chairs that you can lay your eyes on. It has certain fluidity to it and takes inspiration from classic Thonet betwood chair designs. Made up of a seat, base, metallic joints and bentwood the designer has really played up with different things to come up with what you call unique home furniture. He has taken classic rules developed by chairs from Prague and Tivoli and has finely mixed the qualities of bentwood and reflective metal.

However, that’s not all; the Elaxa chsir has its version in acrylic as well which is as smart a thing can get and gives an entirely different mood to the interiors. Even if these chairs have a very modern look they can still be combined to give a contemporary and stylish look to your dining arrangement, or even kitchen arrangement for that matter.


Via: freshome

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