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Electrolux Oxygen Central Vacuum System is elegantly techie

Any guesses what’s the product pictured here? Well, lemme tell you that it’s ‘Electrolux Oxygen Central Vacuum System’ that brings powerful deep cleaning, improved indoor air quality vacuum system, sleek style and smart technology that any modern consumer would simply fancy. Not only that, it also helps staving off the germs or infections and captures more dirt and allergens and removes it totally from the living area that too without stirring up dust inside the room, thereby keeping the interiors hygienic.

Currently available in two models, the 600-airwatt Model ZCV910 for homes up to 7,000 square feet and the 650-airwatt Model ZCV920 for homes larger than 7,000 square feet, the system also comes equipped with a vivid LCD display panel that keeps the user informed about its efficiency and reminds the him to empty the dirt collection receptacle whenever needed. An integrated silencer also promises silent operation and can be purchased for $669.95.

Via: Bedzine