Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners: Top 7 Reviewed

Relaxing on couch, munching on snacks, you suddenly notice your beautiful house is on the verge of getting lost in a mess, in fact a dirty mess! What you are going to do? Pick up a broom, mop or sponge? With the amount of toll your body undergoes, switching on to a fast & performance generating method would be your most preferred option. That’s exactly when you turn on to vacuum cleaners. Technology might have produced robotic aids to attain similar results, but the immense effectiveness of vacuum cleaners can’t be overlooked. Here, we have shortlisted some of the best vacuum cleaners, a well known name in market, Electrolux have in their store for you. Let’s have a look at these.

1. Electrolux 9-Amp Ultra Silencer Canister Vacuum
PRICE : USD 269.99

As the very name suggests, this vacuum cleaner from the house of Electrolux will provide you one of the most silent experience of cleaning your surroundings. Its double hall construction and sound absorbing technology cuts down unwanted sound to a considerable extent. Further, it is highly versatile with a capability of cleaning hard floors, area rugs and low pile carpets via 2 in built nozzles. The light in weight and compact design sucks vacuum quite easily into it, thanks to HEPA filter, which makes you get rid of 99.97% of dust and other particles for a cleaner home.

Technical Specification

Hose Length – 6.0

Weight – 12.9 lbs

Attachment Reach(Feet) – 9.0

Warranty(Parts) – 5 year limited

HEPA Filter technology


The ultra silent mode of operation ensures a complete noiseless cleaning experience.

Lightweight & Compact.
Convenient design with better ergonomics.

2. Electrolux Ergospace Canister Vacuum, EL4100A

Were you ever worried about cleaning bare floors with minimum efforts producing maximum results? If you notice a spark in your eyes, after hearing this, then the answer is definitely Yes. This vacuum cleaner comes with a quiet motor along with 20’ inches power cord which can be winded automatically. Also, it has a S-bag dust collector along with a HEPA filter & 9’inches hose, a built in 3-in-1 tool, full size carpet nozzle for cleaning low pile carpets. Overall, this machine is one complete package as well as answer for your every cleaning requirement.

Technical Specification

Cleaning Width Path – 10 inches

Weight – 19.1 lbs

Product in Inches (lenghth x width x height) – 11.0 x 12.0 x 16.0

3 in 1 Tool

HEPA technology


It comes with a super silent motor along with a 20’inches power cord to provide a complete operational flexibility.

Automatic Cord rewind technique.
Effective against bare floors.

3. Electrolux EL6984A Ultra Silence HEPA Canister Vacuum
PRICE : USD 299.99

If you are looking to clean up your home, usually surrounded with low pile carpet, large area rugs along with any kind of bare floors, Electrolux’s EL6984A Ultra Silence HEPA Canister Vacuum is the near perfect cleaning solution for you. Designed and constructed from recycled materials, this vacuum cleaner is composed with 50% reused plastics and has been packaged from 80% recycled, unbleached cardboard for an eco friendly design. The HEPA H12 filtration system ensures better filtration to keep your indoors dust and pollution free. And yes, the turbo tool can reach everywhere – ceiling corners, tops of book shelves & staircases.

Technical Specification

Weight – 12.0 lbs

Cord Length – 21 feet

HEPA Filter

Automatic Carpet Height Adjustment

2 Year limited manufacturer’s warranty


An eco friendly vacuum cleaner, one of the rarest of its own kind.

Whisper quiet operation.
Automatic carpet height adjustment.

4. Electrolux JetMaxx EL4040AZ Canister Vacuum
PRICE : USD 399.99

Powered by a three motor system, this vacuum cleaner scores high on technical aspects as well as on performance. The most attractive part of this machine is it’s three motors, playing three different roles altogether. The first is a high speed motor which is located in the canister to provide effective suction. The second is located in the power nozzle which proves effective in producing a deep down cleaning of carpet, while the third and last motor has been placed in the hand power brush which assists in cleaning stairs, raisers, upholstery etc.

Technical Specification

On Handle Suction Control

HEPA Filtration with Washable HEPA Filter

Motorized Brushroll


The three fold motor system delivers most effective cleaning results every time you clean your home.

Constructed by 55% recycled products.
Reduces carbon footprint significantly.

5. Electrolux EL6988E-DELUXE Oxygen Canister Vacuum with Hand Power Brush and Extra s-Bags
PRICE : USD 449.99

This vacuum cleaner will provide you one of the most hygienic cleaning results. It has patented HEPA filtration that traps dust and allergens. Also, it has an uninterrupted above floor cleaning which is simple with tools stored in the handle and telescopic wand. This machine has been designed with an innovative and futuristic electronic dust bag indicator which lets you know when to change the bag. It has a large foot pedal control to turn vacuum on/off & to activate the automatic rewind feature as well.

Technical Specification

Cord Length – 20 Feet

Vacuuming Surfaces – All

Weight – 28 lbs

Cord Rewind – Yes


The super powerful hand brush makes cleaning considerably faster and easier.

Convenient and easy to use controls.
Reduces carbon footprint significantly.

6. Electrolux Ultraactive Deepclean EL4300A
PRICE : USD 449.99

This vacuum cleaner from the stable of Electrolux is just true to its name. This sleek, compact machine is one among the latest innovation, designed just for you. It comprises of a bag less canister vacuum, powered with cyclonic technology and an easy to empty dirt cup. Again, it comprises of two motor vacuums that comes with motor for suction and another for cleaning up your carpets. Further, it has a deep clean technology which is equipped with a washable HEPA filter, capable of removing almost 100% germs, dust and other particles, resulting in a complete clean up of your house.

Technical Specification

Power – 12 amps

Hose Length – 7’

Cord Length – 21’

Filtration – HEPA

Weight – 12.5 lbs


One of the fewer vacuum cleaners to take complete care of your health by giving you a 100% germ & dust free home.

It has a 21’ inches cord for better connectivity and reach.

7. Electrolux UltraSilencer HEPA Canister Vacuum EL7060A
PRICE : USD 499.99

Did you ever feel disturbed or bothered by the unpleasant noise of your vacuum cleaner? If yes, then that unpleasant experience of yours will become a part of history soon. The Electrolux UltraSilencer HEPA Canister EL7960A is a rare combination of two of the most important elements together – impressively powerful performance along with an ultra quiet design. It comes protected in a double hull which has been designed to cut down motor noise, but at the same time features a direct suction 12 amp motor, 2 quart vacuum capacity bad and a DeepClean power head with a full array of cleaning tools.

Technical Specification

Weight – 29. 0 lbs

Dusting Brush

Powerful 12 amp motor


The state of the art sound absorbing technology delivers a powerful cleaning..

On board electronic display.
Suitable for any kind of surface – carpet, hard floor, stairs and more.

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