How to be Energy Efficient While Cooling your Home

“Energy Conservation,”  “Energy Efficiency” and “Renewable Energy Resources” are some of the most talked about terms these days. Do you know why? It is because the world’s energy sources (mainly fossil fuels) are on a verge of getting exhausted and hence, energy conservation has become the need of the hour. In today’s world, where the climate is becoming warmer and air conditioning have become necessary, following tips will help you conserve energy while cooling your house.turn the AC off _1

  • During the night, the temperature falls down and hence, you can easily manage without spending electricity to cool the house. Thus, you should turn the AC off one or two hours before you go to bed.
  • The next thing you can do to save energy is not to cool the entire house but only the area where you are working or resting. Windows or portable cooling units can do this job for you. The advantage is that portable units require almost half the energy to cool the same space. Thus, this could result in a large amount of energy conservation.
  • Sealing the vents is another great idea to reduce energy required for cooling purposes. Generally, the coolest place of any house is its basement area. Closing all the lower vents will keep the cool air down and it will subsequently cool the top air, thus giving you a refreshing experience.
  • Regular maintenance of air conditioning units is necessary. This becomes even more important, if trees like cottonwoods surround the house. These types of trees are extremely troublesome, as they drop seeds that enter air vents and block the air filters, thus affecting their performance to up to almost 15 percent.
  • If your house has ducts that run without the help of air conditioners, make sure you insulate them properly using spray foam insulation Ohio. Properly insulated ducts do not allow heat to pass and hence, help in keeping the house cool for a long period. Using insulated ducts is pocket-friendly too.

Furniture at home_1

  • Furniture is a very important accessory of every house that plays a great role in enhancing its beauty and décor. However, wrongly placed furniture can hinder the flow of air, making the house warm. What would you prefer, cooling yourself or your furniture? Have a look at your room and place all the things in proper positions. This will save half the amount of energy, which means a lot in terms of energy conservation. You can make use of proper vents to direct the flow of air.
  • If you want the best performance from your air conditioners, you can accomplish the by keeping the AC at an angle of 78 degrees. Hard to believe, but it is a truth that a minor change of just five degrees could result in almost 40 percent greater efficiency.
  • Try to enter the day light as much as possible inside a house. Use of additional lights also affects the temperature of house. More the lighting, greater is the temperature. Open windows are a great gateway to natural light and fresh air. Although it takes physical efforts to close and open the windows but believe me, it is worth it.
  • A basic thing that we learn from childhood is to switch off lights and fan while not using the room. The same implies on air conditioners. When you move out of the room, turn the AC to 85 and put on all the windows and drapes.
  • Last but not the least, the importance of fans should never be underestimated. Fans circulate the air throughout the room while letting in cool air.


If we consider certain small aspects, we can definitely enhance the performance of our AC and be energy efficient. Bringing about small changes in your daily life can lead to a great contribution towards the betterment of the Planet.

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