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Enliven Your Workplace With 7 Best Indoor Plants For Your Office


There is no dearth of scientific studies that suggest the impact of plants in and around your workplace. In fact, your employees will be at least 10% more productive and stress-free just by being around some greenery. Moreover, small indoor plants are easy to maintain, long-lasting and non-invasive in the long run. Not only that, indoor plants will also improve the quality and circulation of air inside your office, while getting rid of the impurities present there at the same time. So, don’t wait anymore. Bring the best indoor plants for your office by checking out the list below.

Jade plant

 Jade-plantIn Japan, the Jade is also known as the money plant. Japanese legend goes that the presence of this plant in any environment brings financial abundance and security.

If this isn’t a convincing reason to include this indoor plant in your office space, then here’s something to note. This plant is quite succulent, and it requires minimal watering to nourish itself.

It’s small and intricate leaves add a natural charm in your workplace, making the Jade plant one of the best indoor plants for your office.

Peace Lily

Peace-LilyGranted, this one is not a small plant – it takes quite some space. However, it cleanses the air inside your office completely. Not only that, this is a plant that functions amazingly in low lighting environments.

So, if your office is perched up high atop a skyscraper, but has small or no windows (or even an ounce of natural lighting), Peace Lily will still remain fresh and alive – working at eliminating all the pollutants in your indoor air circulation.

Peace Lily is a large plant – when it comes to urbane office spaces – this is also one of the best indoor plants for your office. Give this one a try.

If you are unable to find Peace Lily around, go for its alternative – the Chinese Evergreen plant.

English Ivy

English Ivy

Did you know that there are some airborne fecal particles in the air inside your workspace? Or that, there are formaldehyde particles which can be harmful for your inhalation?

It is quite cringe worthy to know such astounding facts about the air you breathe in. However, there is not a single reason why you should be worried about the same when you got English Ivy at your doorstep.

English Ivy is a plant that can reduce the amount of the airborne fecal particles, but also get rid of the toxins present in the air.

Plus, English Ivy is an evergreen vine – which means you get the health benefits of one of the best indoor plants for your office alongside the attractiveness that the beauty of the plant offers.

Go for English Ivy if you wish to add an attractive focal point to your office while ensuring that your employees work in the healthiest of conditions.

Weeping Fig

Weeping FigThis is the plant you want to get if you wish to create an aesthetic appeal inside your office, while battling toxic pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde at the same time.

This plant is one of the best indoor plants for your office since it neither too small nor too large in size. The Weeping Fig also absorbs pollutants emanating from your office furniture, rugs and carpets – thereby providing a safe and secure indoor environment to you and your employees.

Not only that, the leaves of this plant have a glossy finish to them – which resemble the plastic plants most people keep in their offices.

ZZ Plant (Zamioculas Zamifolia)

ZZ-PlantMost people place plastic plants in their offices because they know that handling and maintaining these plants can prove to be an arduous task. But with the ZZ Plant, the hardship of maintaining a good plant is a thing of the past.

The ZZ plant is one of the best indoor plants for your office because it practically requires little to zero maintenance. Not only that, this plant can actually add a tropical charm to your office space. So, in the cold, wintry days, you want this plant to be a part of your work desk.

Moreover, the ZZ plant can even produce some beautiful florals – adding to the attractiveness of it all. A flowering plant that requires minimum handling – the ZZ plant is a paradise for plant lovers.


CactusThis one might come as a shocker. But if you think that cactus only belongs to a desert, you are wrong. Cactus is one of the best indoor plants for your office, especially if you work in a small office space and the window sill is probably the only place where you can store some nature.

Cactus requires little to no watering. So, if you are someone who works on a busy schedule, and tend to forget taking care of your plants – the cactus is the right choice for you. However, make sure that your office allows ample of natural sunshine inside, because the cactus cannot thrive with it.

If your office has a good source of natural lighting and a small sill adjoining the windows – go for the cactus. It will definitely add a unique charm to your workspace.


AloeIf there is any plant in this world that should be prized for its qualities, it is Aloe. This beautiful plant adds a visual element to your office. Secondly, it filters the air inside your office to offer you the best quality oxygen to breath in.

And if that’s not enough, this plant has numerous medicinal benefits owing to its miraculous gel – including acting as a healing agent for various cuts and burns.

Given all the positive properties of Aloe, it is safe to say that it is one of the best indoor plants for your office.

These are not the only plants that fit perfectly inside your office. Various plants and flowers such as Azalea, Fittonia, Pothos, Spider Plant, Gerber Daisy, and African Violet can also work wonders when it comes to bringing back the green factor indoors.

In this fast-paced world, since we cannot spend time in nature and continue to remain locked up in our offices – why not bring nature indoors?

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