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Eraser light: A push erases the darkness

eraser light2
Inspired from the push-out eraser with the paper cover, designer Steffen Kehrle and Julia Landsiedl have come up with the innovative and novel lights. Designed for Moree, the illumination system is hailed as ‘Eraser’. The lights make the procedure to dim the light convenient. The energy saving bulbs emits as much light as you want just by shifting the light source. The light is emitted as much as desired on a floor, a sideboard or a bedside table growing from an illuminating surface to a room-brightening light body. Measuring 38×13×21 centimeters, the lights is made up of anodized aluminum, PMMA. The source that covers the light is made up of aluminum. The lights are offered in beautiful colors like champagne and aluminum. With a cord at the back and no switch activation, the lights completely enhance your home décor.

eraser light
eraser light1
eraser light3

Via: Yankodesign