Essential things you should possess when you turn 30 

People wish to collect a variety of things by a certain age. Some people might want to own a car before they turn 40, while others want to buy a new house by that age. However, you must+ possess some essentials by the time you reach 30. Check out some of these must-haves in your home.Special artwork_1

Special artwork

Art is something that reflects human nature in one form or the other. Every individual loves and appreciates some type of artwork that they can treasure for a lifetime. Thus, they should start collecting their favorite artwork at a young age, so it creates memories in the later years of life. It does not cost a lot to bring a single piece of artwork every few months. Start treasuring now, so you can have a nice display in your living room by the time you reach 30.


A nice bookshelf

For avid readers, it is essential to have an organized bookshelf in their home during their young age. It not only inspires you to develop a good reading habit, but also makes a personal shelf that is solely yours for a lifetime. You can stylize it in your own way and keep altering, as you grow older.

tall houseplant

A tall houseplant

A houseplant gives you a feeling of permanence, even in a rented apartment. Try to install a tall houseplant in a suitable corner of your home. It may grow up with you and make you feel nice by providing a natural feel inside your home. It can be a wonderful possession for you by the time you celebrate your 30th birthday.

headboard and mattress

A high-quality headboard and mattress

This is another essential item required for your personal comfort and good health. Invest in a nice mattress, as well as in a comfortable bed with a quality headboard. This is going to stay for a longer period with you.

Collections of objects

Collections of objects

Develop a habit of creating a good collection of some nice objects that you may pick up from various places during your visits. Your collection may include furniture items or decorative stuff for your household. When you look at your collection at a later age in life, you would feel proud of it. It will also add a special charm to your house. You can always display your collection of things for your friends and visitors to see.

Elegant bathroom accessories

Elegant bathroom accessories

Leave those plastic pieces that you call bathroom accessories. Turn to some elegant pieces made of stainless steel or marble. While such bathroom accessories could be expensive, they may add beauty to your home. Additionally, you may be able to afford this change by the time you are 30.

Bedside tables

Bedside tables

Give you sleeping space a balanced look by keeping two nice bedside tables in your bedroom. If we go by Feng Shui, these tables on both sides of a bed give a cohesive and mature look to the place. This change will surely reflect your personality, considering the age you have reached.


Many household items that you possess by the age of 30 reflect your nature and personality. It is a wise idea to possess such things and place in your home before you actually touch this age.

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