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Exocarp Chair mimics the excellence of natural protective systems

Moved by the dual nature and pure functionality of the tough exterior skins of fruits like avocado and skins of reptiles, designer Guillermo Bernal created the Exocarp Chair as his own tribute to the rugged design perfected by nature. The chair stays close to the modernistic exoskeleton theme explored by custom chopper makers through the 2000s and pays a tribute to the functional superiority of nature in providing the most delicate of systems with a functional and tough exterior.

Exocarp Chair by Guillermo Bernal

The idea behind the chair was to replicate the tough protective exteriors found in nature without simply lifting the design. The Exocarp came into being as an exoskeleton for the seated human body which would prevent extrinsic agents from coming into contact with the softer human form. The irregular texture of the chair was generated by running a Perlin noise algorithm and texturizing the extrinsic agent using a script.

Through the variation of grain secondary pattern was achieved by using birch plywood while CNC machines were used to create the surprising pattern. Instead of creating an output from a file, the process provided the designer with the freedom to gain an additional understanding of craftsmanship and material. The chair was then created by layering the material and digitized cutting which gave it a unique, life-like form.

Via: Archi Scene