Exquisite candle holders made from wine bottles

wine bottle hurricane candle holders 1
Have you ever thought about how useful can empty wine bottles could be, when they are generally disposed of after adding fun to your party? Before throwing them in the trash, think twice, as they can be used to add style to your décor. Turning your trash into treasure, Michael Kiely brings the candle holders made from wine bottles. Named the Wine Bottle Hurricane Candle Holders, the holders are hand cut and smoothly polished to slip right over a candle.

So, when the candle is lighted, the bottles glow with a flickering internal candlelight which looks amazing. The candle holder comprises 5L Bordolese Prima, a 3L Bordeaux Francese, a 6L Champagne Mathusalem, a 3L Bordolese Prima or a 3L Burgundy. Perfect for a centerpiece décor, the candle holder can also be a dramatic piece for a romantic candlelight dinner.
wine bottle hurricane candle holders 2

Via: Notcot

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