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‘Filter coffee maker’ for a perfect coffee

filter coffee maker melitta stage
We come across many coffee makers in the market everyday. But the ‘Filter coffee maker’ designed by Melitta stage is a unique one. Melitta coffee makers are made under contract with the Melitta coffee company, best known for their cone-shaped coffee filter. The exclusively designed coffee maker is made for true coffee aficionado who value design as much as their coffee. The sleekly designed coffee maker features brushed stainless steel encasement.

The encasement complements cylindrical body of a thermos flask and a swing-out filter made of high-gloss black and silver plastics. The coffee maker also embraces lamp, mirror and lens that accommodate pioneering brewing process indicator. The indicator shows the brewing progress on a blue light bar which has an auto-off switch finish. On the whole, a perfect coffee maker with a perfect design!

Via: Appliancist