Five best home fire extinguishers

Fire accidents are very unpredictable. You may encounter the same at unexpected places and time where the fire may spread in a matter of seconds, giving no time to think about. Though one may have access to fire extinguishers, handling them can sometimes be very difficult resulting in a heavy loss of life and property. For home purposes, a handy fire extinguisher will keep accidents at bay. It is more effective, easy to handle, easy to use and move around. Although there are many small extinguishers available in the market, here are the top rated extinguishers which fit easily in your kitchen as well as your budget.

1. Kiddie KSPD 2G ABC

Kidde KSPD2G ABC Fire Extinguisher

Price: £28.23

This Kidde KSPD2G is a traditionally designed 2 kg fire extinguisher that can be used in the event of a fire and to limit damage to property and possessions. It is also ideal to store in your kitchen as well as your vehicle. This fire extinguisher is designed for use on any type of fire caught in the home or vehicle.

2. AA fire extinguishers

AA Fire Extinguisher

Price: £14.99

Manufactured in UK, it is a high-quality fire extinguisher with a lightweight aluminum body for easy use. It is simple, easy to operate and inexpensive.

3. Fire extinguisher 1 kg ABC powder

Fire Extinguisher 1 Kg ABC Powder

Price: £7.50

These fire extinguishers are good for caravans, kitchens and offices. These are also effective at extinguishing fires in low temperature situations and are supplied with a suitable wall mounting bracket which makes storing the unit easy and safe.

4. Draper carbon dioxide fire extinguisher

Draper Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

Price: £54.19

It is an effective extinguisher which works on inflammable liquids like oil and petrol. It also minimizes damage when used on electrical equipments. Supplied with a wall mounting bracket, it can be refilled again and comes with a five year warranty.

5. Easi action home fire extinguisher

Easi Action Home Fire Extinguisher

Price: £24.63

This extinguisher is designed for use specifically in the event of a fire at home. It has a portable and compact design that enables easy and accessible storage. It can be easily used with one hand and is suitable for use also on electrical fires.

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