Floating Spa Bar keeps your drinks and snacks close at hand

floating spa bar

How often have you missed upon a hot conversation in a party, just because you had to run to serve your friends with more drinks and snacks? Well, in my case I think it’s every time. The thing especially pisses you off when it’s a hot tub party. The whole fun spoils each time, when you have to run to get the drink and snacks. But, here is something to keep your party on the go. The Floating Spa Bar allows you to stash your eatables so that your party fun does not end. This inflatable food and drink holder with a capacity of eight cavities is perfect to hold your cans, bottles and snacks. Easy to carry, the bar can be easily anchored to the sidewall. The bar tagged for £11.99, is a perfect conversation piece for all your eatables just by you.

Via: 7Gadgets

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