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Floor Rugs: 5 Most Durable

Floor rugs are a great option to add character to your room. They enhance the decor of the room and bring elegance and style to the most ordinary looking room. These are available in wide variety, from the contemporary style to traditional. Since these are available in huge varieties and varying qualities, choosing the one for your home can be a tricky task. Some of the best designed and high quality contemporary floor mats have been shortlisted here for you to choose from. Have a look!

1. IKEA GISLEV Area Rug Low Pile Modern Carpet
BRAND : Ikea
PRICE : USD 32.99

This contemporary carpet is a great option for your modern home. The rug is designed with a modern outlook and enhances your decor further. It bring character to the room and looks very stylish. The rug is machine woven and features perfect finishing. The rug requires little maintenance and can be cleaned with a damp cloth in case of spills. It is made from 100% polyester and features a synthetic latex backing. The carpet is a great option for your home.


The rug is bold and gives character to the room

Requires little maintenance.

2. Contemporary Area Rug, Home Dynamix Catalina Black Brown
BRAND : Home Dynamics
PRICE : USD 159.99

This modern designed elegant rug is a perfect choice for modern interior and looks extremely remarkable. It adds character to the space. The rug adds elegance and makes a strong statement in the room. It is made of 100% Olefin yarn and features a light carved effect. The rug is highly durable and is designed to easily resist soils and stains. In a nutshell, this rug is a perfect combination of beauty, quality and resilience.


The rug is durable and easily resists soils and stains

The rug proves to be perfect for modern interiors.
It holds a bold and strong character.

3. Home Dynamix Madlena Area Rug
BRAND : Home Dynamics
PRICE : USD 124.99

The highly stylish and contemporary rug looks amazing in any modern interior. It adds elegance and character to the room. This rug makes a strong statement and is seen as the center of attraction. It is made in 100% percent heat-set Polypropylene and is machine woven. It features modern and bold color combination and design which brings style and accentuates any decor. The rug is very easy to clean and is durable as well.


The machine woven rug exhibits perfect finishing

Manufactured with 100% heat-set polypropylene.
The rug is durable and easy to clean.

4. Shaw Elipse Multi Area Rugs 3’10” x 5’6″ rectangular
BRAND : Shaw

This rug holds modern and upbeat impressions with stunning contemporary and transitional designs. The “carving” effect in the rug adds unique value, style and dimension. It can be seen as one of the best designs among the contemporary products. This rug features the actual hi-lo weaving technique that gives its surface a visual and concrete contour. The manufacturing further intensifies the design and richness of the rug. It features a lustrous olefin yarn and a buttery-soft hand which helps in enhancing the dimensional quality of this rug.


The rug features the actual hi-lo weaving technique that gives its surface a visual and concrete contour

The rug is durable.
It holds great quality and style.

5. Shaw Percussion Ebony Area Rugs
BRAND : Shaw

This rug is a beautifully-styled fashionable area rug. Extremely suitable for your modern decor, the rug looks incredibly beautiful. It features unique designing and holds a bold character. The sleek modern designing and classic European and Persian influences look very elegant. The rug is machine woven of heat set olefin fiber and features the butter-soft finish. It is soil, stain and fade resistant and provides a lasting beauty and performance.


It features classic European and Persian influences which look incredibly elegant

Highly durable.
The rug complements modern decor tremendously.

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