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Flooring ideas for your entryway

The tone of your entire house is set off by the kind of decor you have used in the entryway. It is the first glimpse of your home for your guests and as such needs that extra effort in presentation. The decor of this area need to give a feeling of warm welcome as it is the main traffic point of the house. Besides, the flooring in the entryway plays a significant role in setting the mood for that particular space. While choosing the flooring for your entryway, focus on complementing this with the rest of your house in a smooth continuity. Here are a few ideas on making your entryway a welcoming statement for your guests.

Material of the floor

The kind of flooring you use should give out good vibes to your guests. There are many options from which you can choose, such as wood which has a most inviting and warm feel. Wood flooring are generally more durable and with the passage of time, it can create a most wonderful worn look which can be very attractive. It can also complement with any type of decorating styles, ranging from a casual country feel to that of an ultra modern look. If you are on a budget, then your best choice would be laminate flooring. Besides, it is easier from the maintenance aspect.

For the elegant luxury look choose marble flooring which is most durable and adds an air of sophistication. They are very classy and come in various shades as well as textured finishing. You just need to be a bit cautious if you have children and old parents in the house, as marble tends to be quite slippery due to its extremely smooth surface.

For more choice in versatile patterns, shapes and colors, you can choose carpet tiles. These tiles can be mixed and matched according to your decorating taste. They are easily replaceable and safe to walk on as it is not slippery.

Rugs in the entryway

If you simply want to change the look of your entrance without changing the flooring, then you can let your creativity emerge with the use of accessories. Floor rugs which are available in various materials can add certain softness and appeal to the entryway. They are easier to maintain and cost less than getting new flooring. There are rugs made of jute which can give a cool feel or antique rugs which creates timeless appeal in the overall structure. You can place rugs at intervals or just lay out a solid central rug to create a focal point. Your rugs need to complement the rest of the house, so choose colors which are closest to your general decor.

Painting the floor

Suppose you do not want to place rugs or get a new floor, you can always paint your floor with the colors you love. Painted floors are easy to maintain and if well sealed, they can be surprisingly durable and versatile. Do not be afraid to experiment as you can paint over it again if your design pattern just does not feel right. Having painted your floor, make sure that you paint over with urethane every 2 years or so to retain its color and shine.

In addition to the above ideas, you need to take into account the kind of furniture in the entryway, the size and length of the entryway and the climate of your area. This can help you in deciding the kind of flooring which you will require.