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Focal dome speakers with aesthetic surround sound

focal dome speakers
Speaker companies have continuously emerged with the extensive range for home indoor. French loudspeaker manufacturer Focal has come up with the innovative and distinctly unique speakers hailed ’Focal dome speaker system’. As the name suggests, the speakers are spherical shaped and each satellite has a base. The 5.1 sub-sat systems merge big sound and contemporary style to craft design-friendly surround sound. The unique focal domes are small sized speakers that can easily be placed under curtains without making out.

The connectors are hidden inside the rubber bottom along with a minute slickly stowed Allen wrench that you use to loosen and tighten the binding posts for inserting the speaker wire. The flexibility of the speaker allows them to tilt, or mount on stands or walls to meet the acoustic and aesthetic needs of your room. The two-way satellites feature 4-inch polyglass, mid-bass drivers and 1-inch inverted dome tweeter. The domes produce a nice and open soundstage for music and are quite impactful within the full media room setup.

Via: Electronichouse