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Food Symphony –The fridge of future!


Making its place among the top 25 semi-finalist of Electrolux is this Food Symphony. A concept designed by team members of Chow Pei Huan, Ho Wen Chi, and Chua Kai Ren, it’s an ingenious concept to store your food. Food Symphony is the next fridge in your kitchen. The big box offers adjustable temperature settings in each of the individual storage units to keep the food fresh by sensing the integrity of the food. Thanks to its temperature zone which is featured in every drawer and adjusted with a finger that comes in each of the lid. The main drawers come with the two-temperature zone, and there are five temperature modes for different food types.

The best part that is worth to mention is the Bacteria sensor that finds out the rotten stuff in the particular drawer and glows it red. Each of the compartments comes in different size depending upon your daily needs. The attractive attribute is its Smart Lid that is smart enough to let you see what’s inside the box. The Smart lid turns transparent when you go near it, and opaque when you’re away. Smart technology, hope to see it very soon in the future.


Via: Yankodesign