Timeless white kitchen design ideas

white theme kitchen

Your kitchen should reflect your sense of style and décor. Whether your style is rustic, urban, contemporary, chic or traditional, there is one look with which you just cannot go wrong! This is the ‘White Kitchen design’. The white color décor for your kitchen will be timeless and classic. White is considered to be a very neutral color that perfectly balances the water and the fire elements, both of which are dominant in the kitchen. Image Credit

The look

Think space, think cleanliness and think elegance. These are three main advantages that an exclusive white design can offer. White is a color that reflects light, it makes the area appear spacious and bright. It also can be a perfect classy canvas for any furniture or accessories that you want to add. Once you start planning your kitchen, you just do not lay your hands upon any white thing that you some across. A definite method is needed and every individual item like flooring tiles, sink, cabinets, curtains, lighting, space for appliances and so on, have to be chosen with care.

1. Getting the cabinets right: You can opt for classic white cabinets as being a versatile color. White complements any wall paint or any furniture that is already present in the kitchen. If you want to add another color then just add one more, but make sure that the white color constitutes a significant percentage of the décor. Do not add too many colors as this will create an untidy effect.

2. White kitchen islands : Kitchen islands make the kitchen appear much livelier. If the kitchen is done up in white then you might consider getting a white kitchen island as well. In order to bring in some variety you can focus on getting atone or shade of white that is different from the cabinets and walls, but still does not stand out too much. Remember, ultimately all the separate items should blend in to create the perfect look!

3. White Countertops They just ooze elegance. White countertops effectively marry beauty with functionality and you must definitely consider it worthy to be a part of your classic kitchen designed in white.

4. Getting white tiles to match the look Tiles play a vital role in creating the look of your kitchen. White tiles create space and reflects natural light, so your kitchen never ever becomes a dark damp corner of the house!

5. Stylish kitchen appliances to complete the design: When you buy your fridge, microwave, oven, and dishwasher and so on, you can go for the white colored ones or ones that will complement the white look of your kitchen. You do not want an appliance to mar the effect of something so beautiful that you have taken pains to create!

Quick effective tips

• Invest in a good quality of paint. It will last longer and will give that desired subtlety to the look.

• Add some green plants. It will bring in that dash of vitality to the kitchen and needless to say, they just look great and create a peaceful air. Adding to that a white background is the perfect one for displaying the plants.

• Add some items, which have a wood finish, they go very well with white and will help bring in an element of variety.

• Pay attention to the lighting; add chandeliers and other fixtures, which can give a classic dimension to the elegant white décor of the kitchen.

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