Gift Guide 2011: Best wall clocks

Best wall clocks

Wall clocks are something on which we take a look almost hundreds of times in a day. One likes it if a wall clock has some eye catching features. There are timepieces from various categories to suit every class of people. These are kept in the list of must haves in the lives of the people. Here we share some of the renowned timepieces. Let’s check out some of those which are really amazing:

1. Stella Blanca Modern Wall Clock with mirror and pendulum

Stella Blanca Modern Wall Clock

Stella Blanca with an attentive design portrays good acoustics and a flat white encircling frame. The clock elements a stylish dial with shiny white numbers surrounding a Plexiglas mirror. The pendulum musically swings and loyally performs with precise timing with high class quartz movement. It looks dazzling and is a real eye-catcher. Stella is a little vain, and swings both ways. This beautiful time piece for your wall has a flat white round frame with glossy white numbers surrounding a Plexiglas mirror. it will catch your eyes for a while for sure. An orange pendulum bell struts at the bottom. Plus, you can make the pendulum of the other colors, too. Stella is 25cm diameter. A wall anchor to hang it with is included, one AA battery is not included.

Price: $149.00

2. Facebook Wood Icon Wall Clock

Facebook Wood Icon

Inspired by the most popular social network Facebook, here come the Facebook Icon Wall Clock. As you can see in the picture above. It is the latest clock carrying the beauty of virtual world within it. By purchasing the clock, you can give a friendly look to your office or home. It is also offered for a good price.

Facebook Icon Wall Clock is offered in several diverse versions available with plastic and wood. Each clock has been made manually.

Size: 8,5×8,5 inches (22cmx22cm)

Price: $25.00 USD

3. Small Orbit Silver Metal Wall Clock

Small Orbit Silver Metal

This silver metal wall clock is a piece of art, suitable for each home or office. It can be of absolute color of your dark colored wall, with elegance. If you have nothing but this wall clock, you will not need anything else to make your wall attractive.

The wall clock features the most accurate quartz movement and more on that, it comes with a three-year warranty too. It requires 1 “AA” battery (which is not included in the price mentioned here).

  1. Dimensions: 14” Diameter x 1.5” Deep.
  2. Weight: 0.5 lbs.
  3. Packaging: Floral Window Box

Price: $48.95

4. Howard Miller 625-333 Ball Wall Clock

Howard Miller 625-333 Ball

This clock by Howard Miller is an adaptation of a classic George Nelson design that was produced by Howard Miller in the 1940’s. The core is done in brushed nickel, and is encircled with 12 black satin balls on nickel ended rods. Black hands give an absolute duotone style. Because of the black hands, it is the beauty of every wall irrespective of the color of the wall. We can say that it goes on every thing.

Amazon Sales Rank: #62240 in Home Color: Black Brand: Howard Miller Model: 625-333

Dimensions of this time piece are: 14.00″ h x 14.00″ w x 2.25″ l, 2.00 pounds Brushed nickel-finished center, surrounded by 12 black satin balls on nickel-finished rods Black hands complete the duo-tone style Quartz, battery-operated movement

Price: $62.65

5. Century Black Modern Wall Clock Nelson Home Office NEW

Nelson Wall Clock

You sure will give full marks to whoever designed this clock. This clock will make you wonder for a while, but is really a fine choice especially for your home. The guests sure will complement you on your unique taste to choose this amazing wall timepiece.

The Century Clock, against a contrasting wall, makes an eye catching addition to a contemporary home or office. This clock has Taiwanese movement, white MDF plate and chrome hands. The Century modern clock is perfect home, shop, office and also for a gift! This wall accent perfect for any home decoration. It will complement the beauty of your home.

  1. Black MDF plate
  2. Chrome hands
  3. Requires 1 AA battery not included

Dimensions:12 x 1 x 15″

Price: US $64.00

6. Ferrari Lighted Wall Clock

Ferrari Lighted

This is the unique brand design and shows your rich taste in home accessories. The clock displays the Ferrari name in a back-lit wall clock, and all your friends will desire they had the insight to buy such a hand-manufactured, well-crafted piece. Back-lit with a 22 watt fluorescent circling and powered by a “AA” battery, this clock comes with a One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and is pre-assembled for your convenience.


  1. Computer printing and UV drying period process seals in color under an optical lexan lens
  2. Houses a 22 watt fluorescent light bulb
  3. Complete with on/off switch
  4. Made in the U.S.

Price: $119.95 USD

7. Mondaine Mini Day/Date Alarm Clock #A993MCAL16SBB

Mondaine Mini Day/Date Alarm Clock #A993MCAL16SBB

This clock is designed by the official railway clock and watchmaker, Mondaine. This clock has an alarm, and features night glow tips on each hand that enable you to see the time in the dark. The clock is encased in brushed metal and has a white face and a quartz. It also has a day and date display. It measures approximately 5″ across and 2″ deep.

Price: $165.00

These wall beauties are ready in the market to steal the show. Don’t wait to buy one for you if you think that any of these catches your interest and fits in your budget.

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