Five most annoying alarm clocks to wake you up

Annoying alarm clocks

Many of us have a habit of sleeping late and waking up late too. Every time only the stupid alarm is at fault. You miss your fitness walk or you are late for your work, it’s the alarm who always get the blame. You might even have blamed that the snooze button is so easy to find. If you do all the above things, it is high time for you to buy an annoying alarm clock. The clock will certainly ensure that you wake up from your sleep and say goodbye to your laziness.

Here is the list of top five annoying alarm clocks to wake you up.

1. Nooby


The alarm is a unique masterpiece. It will surely wake you up with his naughtiness. The alarm behaves very sweetly before the alarm time. If it is asked about the time, it just mentions the time and stays silent. When the alarm time comes, it will start annoying you. It will start with “Rise and shine” dialogue and if you do not then it will simple say you to take out the fingers from your ears. It goes on like that until you wring his neck. The wring needs strength and precision, which surely will come after you, quit your laziness. The alarm can be bought for $30. The only negative side of the alarm clock lies with its off sequence as it can break easily if you put excess pressure on its little blue neck.

2. Puzzle alarm clock

Puzzle alarm

This alarm is very annoying. When you wake up in the morning, it takes your brain several minutes to accustom with the difference of reality from the dreams. Therefore, if you have to solve a puzzle you will surely fail. This alarm clock exactly uses the same procedure to wake you up. You have to solve the mini puzzle with the clock to shut its annoying sound. This can be annoying if you are not in correct frame of mind or suffering from hangover. You can buy the clock for $ 30. The only bad thing is that the puzzle often gets jammed. Therefore, if you are awaking from a hangover then it will surely find a place in your broken garbage bag.

3. Flying Alarm clock

The flying alarm

This alarm clock is annoying in its own way. It has rotors that let it fly around when your alarm is banging your head. You have to catch it first then you can think of shutting it off. This can be an annoying experience if your alarm clock snooze button is flying away from you. It has a listed price of $ 22 but you can buy it cheaper from Amazon. There is chance that it collides with your wall or fan, which can break the clock.

4. No snooze Alarm clock

No snooze

The alarm clock is extremely annoying. It does not have any snooze button. However, it surely needs no snooze button as its shutting off mechanism is extremely challenging. The alarm has a strap that needs to be lifted and rotated for 90 seconds with a speed of two or more rotation per second. If you get little slow, the alarm sound rises up and the timer resets making you repeat the process again. The listed price is $ 25. However, the rotation mechanism often gets stuck.

5. Sonic boom alarm

The sonic grenade alarm

This clock is specially designed for parents who get a lot of trouble to wake up their kid. The alarm is very annoying with three high sound levels that will surely wake your kid. The alarm is in the form of hand grenade and you simple have to pull the pin and lob it in the room. Now the sleeping kid will have to wake up and find you, as without the pin you cannot stop the alarm. Therefore, you get away from the room and close the door. Let them bang the doors in despair and then you give them the grenade pin back. You can buy this alarm for $19. You just have to be cautious with the lob as use of excess force might break it off.

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