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Great storage solutions for your kitchen

Great storage solutions for your kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the only room in your entire house that needs a great system of storage and practical organization. These days you can easily find awesome kitchen storage solutions that you can assemble yourself. If you have a lot of money in hand, investing in an interior designer to help ‘organize’ your kitchen with remarkable storage solutions would be a worthwhile proposition. With the help of these kitchen storage solutions, your limited kitchen space would appear clutter free and more organized. Here are the best kitchen storage solutions that will save your time wasted on searching in the kitchen and give it a great visual and practical appeal.

Pot racks

If you’re having trouble fumbling through piles of pots and pans in a dark cabinet; as the same have forcefully been cramped together, it can be a nerve-wracking job. Rather than having your pots and pans ‘decorating’ the kitchen island and your kitchen counters; it would definitely be a good thing to invest in a stylish pot rack. There are many new options of pot rack available in the market; that include the wall mounted or free standing ones.

When you are out buying a pot rack, look at it’s functionality and design. Pot racks come in many different materials like wood, stainless steel and wrought iron. So decide which one goes well with your kitchen interiors. They also come in many different shapes like square, oval, round or rectangular. Some pot racks also have inbuilt lights to give extra illumination to your sparkling pots and pans. If your pots and pans are big and heavy, buy a sturdy and larger rack to hold their weight.

Storage towers

Another great storage solution would be a Storage Tower. You can store everything and anything that you have amassed over the years. These storage towers help to resolve the problems you are having to make space for your things. If you have a medium to small sized kitchen; a storage tower works like a high-rise building. It can provide you plenty of room vertically. You could have one built in a corner or in the pantry.

These storage towers are very convenient; and you can even buy them with customized shelves. These shelves can accommodate small and large items. You can get them in different exterior finish like wooden and colored laminates; to go with the interiors of your kitchen.

Cabinet door organizers

Do all your things fall out when you open your kitchen cabinet doors? Do you have to fish your way inside a kitchen shelf just to find the item you need that has been shoved to the back? Then what you need is a cabinet door organizer to make life easier for you so that you don’t waste time unnecessarily finding things. You can either buy cabinets with organizers mounted inside or you can simply insert one. The former is expensive to buy, whereas the latter is very cost effective.

You will have a variety of cabinet door organizers to select from. There are some that spin around so that you can have a 360 degree view of all that is stored inside the cabinet. There are some that are customized to the kind of items that you wish to store like cutlery, kitchen towel rack and so on. Take a note of the items that you need to sort out and buy cabinet door organizers for your specific needs.

Countertop canisters

Earlier, the countertop canisters that you used to commonly see were probably the big jars of cookies. However, today spacious counter space can accommodate many more countertop canisters besides cookie jars. There are canisters for all kinds of things like cakes, napkins, fruits, utensils, and so on. Countertop canisters can come in a range of sizes and you can store all your items stylishly with good-looking jars adorning your kitchen counter.

Not only do canisters look decorative on your countertop, but as they are air-proof, they can also keep your food fresher for longer. You can buy canisters in a variety of finishes, colors and style which range from simple to ornate. When you are buying canisters, make sure you purchase them judiciously because if you have kids using the canisters, it would be wiser to invest in cheaper ones.

Kitchen carts storage solutions for your kitchen

One of the most attractive and high utility components of a kitchen are the multipurpose kitchen carts. These carts are very much like ‘portable’ kitchen islands. A well-designed kitchen cart can provide you with more space for making food, storing kitchen items and serving your food as well. There are many different styles and designs of kitchen carts to select from ranging from the less costly to the much expensive ones.

The higher-end kitchen cart models can cost you more than $500 that are exquisitely crafted like a good quality furniture. Buy a kitchen cart according to the space that you have in your kitchen. If you require a kitchen cart that you would want to keep moving, try to get a wheeled cart which is sturdy enough to be kept in one place along with brakes.

Many carts come equipped with various accessories and extras like inbuilt wine racks, drawers, paper towel holders and wine racks. If you plan to do a lot of cooking on your cart, it would better if you would buy one that has a countertop-like finishing for durability and longlife like butcher block or granite.

Drawer organizers

Drawer organizers are extremely useful for arranging your kitchen accessories in an easy and practical manner. Almost every kitchen these days has a cutlery drawer organizer. However, now there are a host of different organizers; ranging from spices to various other kitchen knick knack, to provide the ultimate kitchen storage solution. When you are purchasing an organizer for a drawer, buy one that has an open tray or partitions. This way you can segregate similar things together.

If you do not have the money to get the expensive drawer organizers in wood or metal; buy one in plastic which is extremely functional and useful too. Before buying your drawer organizers, it would be wise to measure your drawer sizes and buy a good fit. Buy organizers that have a slip-resistant bottom; so that your goods don’t keep rattling and sliding each time the drawer opens or shuts close.

Wine racks storage solutions for your kitchen

You don’t need to own a swanky pad to own a wine collection, because all you really need are a few good wines and a great wine rack to match it with! You can buy wine racks in many designs, shapes and finishes. Before zeroing in on a wine rack, try to see where you would fit it. Buy a wine rack that suits the decor of your house as you can buy them in various finishes ranging from metallic to wooden.

First, counter the number of wine bottles that you have and then multiply the figure by two to get an estimate of the size of the wine rack that is suitable for you. Do not buy extra big sizes of wine racks that simply swallow up the small collection of wine bottles that you have, giving an overall impression of emptiness. Test out the wine rack in the store to make sure it’s sturdy enough so it won’t tip over easily and destroy your entire wine collection.

It also should be able to accommodate different sized bottles, and not just the standard 750 ml (0.198 gallon) ones. Make sure that the location of your wine rack is a cool, dark place that is free from temperature variations as wine has to be stored properly to prevent any damage to the wine.

Pull out shelves

Another convenient and easy way of increasing the storage space in your kitchen and making it more accessible is to invest in good pull out shelves. Sliding shelves are also very helpful for people that are suffering from various body conditions like arthritis or who are physically handicapped. If you are good at doing home jobs, you could perhaps install sliding shelves yourself, else take the help of a professional for the same.

Install them on either side of your cabinets by adding more shelves so that it actually increases your shelf space two to three fold. You could even install these sliding shelves in your pantry. Line your shelves with slip-resistant shelf liners so that your items don’t keep rolling and sliding whenever you pull the shelves inwards or outwards.

Spice racks

If you are an avid cook, you perhaps have a solid collection of different spices. At time, when you are in the midst of cooking, then storing them and finding the right seasoning seems to be like one tug-of-war situation. A spice rack would be a practical solution for getting all your valuable spices organized in a presentable and dainty way. Spice racks have to be bought with some though and are not that simple to purchase. Spice racks come in a range of sizes and styles, so do give it a thought as to what exactly you want sitting on your counter.

If you want your spices to be readily available on the counter, buy yourself a carousel spice rack. If you have limited kitchen space, get a wall mounted one or one that is fitted inside your drawer or cabinet. You could also save on space by buying a magnetic rack that actually hangs the spice jars right under your cabinets, so you can pull them out and use them conveniently. Some spice racks come with their own little containers for the spices.

Plastic containers

Tupperware containers most certainly revolutionized kitchen storage when they were first introduced in the 1940s. However, there are many other plastic containers that have given a good competition to Tupperware with infinite plastic storage options that keeps the food fresh and organized. You can buy plastic containers in various colors, sizes and shapes. You can buy them in sets from 2 to a 100 or more. When you are not using all of them, you can store them one inside the other quite conveniently. However, before purchasing plastic containers, make sure you check whether they are dishwasher and microwave safe or not. Also check whether they seal securely without leaking.

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