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Grégoire de Lafforest’s Archibird Cage also serves as a console

Keeping birds in cages is kind of old fashioned. And ever
since PETA became a global organization, keeping a bird all cages up has become
even harder. However, there are a lot of people that love keeping birds as pets
even though it’s downright cruel to keep a bird of flight confined in such a
small space all alone without so much as a small plant to make it feel close to
its natural habitat.

However, if you have a thing for bird cages but find the old
timey ones too, well, old timey, then you’d find the new Archibird Cage a
totally fascinating product. Created by Grégoire de Lafforest, the noted French
designer, the bird cage is unusual because it forgoes the traditional barred
cage for an all glass one.

It is essentially like keeping a bird is a sealed glass jar
though were sure the designer must have some sort of a ventilation system
installed within the cage to ensure that the birds in it don’t asphyxiate and
die in front of the spectator. 

The unique birdcage is also has two tiers with the lower
tier comprising of a large chamber and the upper tier comprising of three
individual pods or rooms. 

The glass covered lower chamber comes with a barred
interior while the three pods on the upper level are not barred. 
The horizontal plane that divides the two chambers can also
be used as a console though we do suggest that the table not be used to stash
speaker systems or television displays as that would simply freak the birds

Even though the birdcage/console table is undoubtedly an innovative
idea for humans to be closer to their aviary pets, we’re sure the closed glass
cage would be an unusually unsettling home for birds especially since the
family cat would be able to keep an eye on the birds all the time!