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Haute Decor:Malibu minipool bestows therapeutic bathe

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Gruppo Treesse, a well known Italian company has always enthralled us with its novel bathroom furnishings. Treesse is back again to adorn the bath space with its new design of minipool. The minipool is hailed with the name of ‘Malibu’ and is a perfect pick for a soothing bathe. Malibu is an idyllic tub which not only embellishes your bath space but also bequeaths you with the therapeutic massage. The unique and elegant design of the pool and its versatile installation option, relaxes you in harmony. In addition, the anatomical seats allow you to change position while you enjoy hydromassage. Electronic panel makes it utterly simple to use and choose the massage option which directs the jet on your body for a remedial knead. No word on price but the pool is certainly a versatile pick for your bath space.

malibu bathtub
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