High-tech furniture that gives a cool geeky look to your home

Modern technology has taken over all the aspects of our lives with latest and never-ending gadgets that not just make our work easy but life even more comfortable. The latest and the most striking example of technology can be seen in furniture design. Given below are some of the most advances, high-tech and mind-blowing furniture designs that have been transformed completely with the use of technology. This article helps you to explore a new world of furniture that would simply leave you jaw dropped. Take a look at these Hi-tech furniture pieces, the presence of which at your home will confirm that you are an absolute geek.

 High-tech furniture for Contemporary Homes

Levitating table

Levitating table

Fond of magic tricks? You can surprise almost all the children visiting your home and probably a few adults too, with this levitating table. No, it isn’t a cheap trick. The table uses the ideas of Maglev Train, which makes use of electromagnetic technology to suspend the table in the air.

Electromagnets are attached to the base of the tabletop and a steel plate is present on the table base, there is nothing but air in between. The power of the electromagnets keeps the table in the midair. To bring in the dramatic effect the height of the table can be adjusted with increasing or decreasing the power of the electromagnets. It would be even more exciting if steam could be produced around it.

The Robotic chair

The Robotic chair

The theatrical performance by this chair is going to stun you and make you gaze at it without blinking. This chair knocks down on its own and then rebuilds by itself. The legs of the chair detect the base of the chair and attach back to it.

Raffaello D’Andrea an associate professor at Cornell University and a team of three more people created this chair. The video of the chair on YouTube went viral. The hi-tech mechanism of the chair is in its seat, which guides it. It is a pleasure to see a normal looking wooden chair can be a piece of art with a geeky touch.

The Obelisk

The Obelisk furniture

This is an amazing piece of furniture, when assembled it looks like a rocket. A geek would love to place it in his patio and when guests arrive, he can take the opportunity to reveal the secret.

When dissembled the rocket shaped tower opens up to be a table and four lawn chairs. The material used in building the Obelisk is high quality and most apt for outdoors. This piece of modern furniture is a design concept of Dedon.

Smart duet coffee table

Smart duet coffee table 2

This is the smartest gadget in this list with absolutely no doubt about it. The primary function of the gadget is to pose like a coffee table and let you keep things on it. Now comes the interesting part the tabletop is a giant touch screen which allows you to use the smart table.

The smart table by Ideum is powered by two operating systems, Windows 8 and Android 4.4. You can choose either OS to browse, check emails, listen to songs, watch movies, log on to facebook and play games while sipping tea or coffee.

You can also connect to the other smart devices in your home using this smart table. The glass on top of the table is scratch resistant and quite sturdy to be used as a coffee table.

Playstation controller coffee table

Playstation controller coffee table

All the gaming fans would want one of these in their drawing rooms. Below the glass top is a giant playstation controller. This is an exact replica of the controller, the body is white in color and the buttons are black.

The entire base is made up of plywood and MDF. The controller is treated with polyurethane gloss for a better finish. This fascinating hi-tech design is the brainchild of a student named Mark. Imagine when your buddies come home and you show them this cool new addition in your living room, it would be really cool.

The High-tech Remmus Sunlounger:

The Finnish company Remmus has lately unleashed its Sunlounger, which is the world’s most high tech lounger chair. The amazing lounger chair features the following –

  • Self-rotating automatic chair that rotates itself according to the sun’s direction to give you a perfectly even sunbath,
  • Built-in LED that automatically turns on with sunset to allow you relaxed unworried and undisturbed,
  • Cooling water misters to spray water to provide relief from heat,
  • Built-in Bose waterproof stereo system to allow you enjoy your favorite tunes,
  • Built charger to charge your Smartphones and
  • an adjustable backrest with UV resistant padding for comfort.

This high-end lounger is specifically designed for luxury yachts and resorts to provide visitors the best in class service.

Analog memory desk:

Designed by Kirsten Camara, the revolving writing pad tracks all your daily activities. Created out of wood, the table has a large sheet of paper that you can use to write and note down thoughts as soon as they come to your mind. This amazing table has handles that work to turn down the pages and have a simultaneous or uninterrupted writing experience. You can preserve the paper role for further use.

The Origin ergonomic task chair:

The Origin ergonomic task chair is an amazing creation that goes to the credit of designer Edwin Cruz. Designed with the aim to provide the users a perfect sitting posture, it provides the user comfort to work and relax without the need to get up frequently from their seats. The chair has an integrated keyboard within the chair’s arms that allows the users to work freely and easily. The chair distributes the entire body weight evenly over the arms thus, providing a good sitting posture and protection against repetitive stress injuries.

The Philippe Stark My World Couch:

Designed for modern day houses, this astounding couch features power outlets, accessible Powermat charging tool to charge all your latest digital gadgets. The most striking feature of the product is that it can be adjusted to different sizes thus, making it a perfect pick for space limited houses and apartments and for minimalistic interiors.

The incredible Mac-Table:

Designed by Maria Luisa Albion, the Mac-Table is a unique device that defies the laws of gravitation. The amazing table boasts a sleek and trendy design, which makes it perfectly suitable for modern interiors. The table comes with a high-end lacquered metal base and a smooth touch enabled top board. The gadget has a good seating space and can unfold itself into a large size gadget holder. At the centre, you have plenty pod space to nest up your iPhones and iPads, whereas an intermediate compartment can be used to keep files and important documents.

Katedra office desk:

Created by the design studio Desnahemisfera, this high-tech desk can also functions as a charger to juice up phones with the help of its integrated wireless phone charger called the AirCharge. The desk signals a green light as soon as your device gets charged.


A piece of hi-tech furniture can intensify the geeky ambience of your modern home, making you feel proud when you show around your guests. Modern technology has brought life even to the dead furniture items. All these high-end furniture models are so exciting and attractive that you would love to have one for yourself.

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