Adding the warmth of the vintage look to your spunky modern home

These days more and more people are looking to give a retro look to their home and make it stand out. Vintage styles decor simply transforms your modern house into a retro home. All you need to do is make some little changes and retro accessories to bring that classy look to your interior. Periodic décor can add a classic look and enhance the overall beauty of your house. Here we have listed some simple ideas to give a vintage feel to your home.

Go for vintage accessories

vintage accessories

Vintage accessories are one of the best options to add a retro look to your home. Available in different shapes and designs in the market, these accessories will give a classical look to your home. Retro accessories may include things like vintage nameplate, letterbox, garden furniture, lighting, and so on. These accessories will go perfectly with all types of interiors and enhance the overall beauty of your house.

Vintage chandeliers

Vintage chandeliers

Classic chandeliers can be a great option to transform the look of your house. They generally work as a centerpiece and have a great impact on the overall décor. Chandeliers studded with diamond like gems and stones give a classy feel to modern homes. There is no need to spend a huge amount on these chandeliers, as you can easily transform an existing chandelier in to a vintage chandelier just by adding gold or silver color to it.

Wooden work

Wooden work

Wooden flooring, wooden walls, and wooden counter can be a simple but at the same time effective to add a vintage look to your house. Wood gives a classy look to any house and enhances its beauty. Apart from this, you can also go for different wooden accessories to uplift the home decor. Woodwork is easy to achieve and care as it comes with plastic coating to enhance the durability.

Antique furniture

Antique furniture

Antique furniture not just unique to enhance the beauty, but if you accessories it with soft cushions, it also becomes comfortable to sit or sleep on. Apart from being classic and comfortable, antique furniture is also durable that lasts long for years. Easy to maintain, antique furniture makes a good choice for drawing or living rooms.


lace curtains

You can go for lace curtains to add a vintage look to your home. Printed curtains with light colors can make the room look brighter and attractive. You can also include plain sheer curtains to create a retro feel and look. Ceiling to floor curtains can be a great choice, as they not only enhance the beauty of the room but also make a smaller room look comparatively bigger.


vintage style lighting

Adding attractive and vintage style lightings can help you to attain a classic look in your modern home. Installing wooden lamps is another good choice, as they are easy to install and their low maintenance make them perfect for modern homes. If you do not want to spend excessively, you can go for attractive DIY lamps to achieve the vintage look.


traditional white paint

Paint is one of the most important things that you need to consider when you wish to add a vintage look to the room. You can go for traditional white paint, as it not just makes a room look brighter but also makes it appear comparatively bigger. Sober colors can simply add a new life to your house.

Vintage style homes are becoming very popular and you can easily convert your home into a retro home. You just need to install vintage furniture, flooring, furniture and other accessories to achieve a classy look.

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