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High & Tight Stool draws inspiration from a hair comb

Normally everyday day use article such as comb doesn’t inspire people but that doesn’t mean that they cannot provide artistic inspiration
to the more artistically inclined of us.
Curtis Micklish is one such artist who
is blessed with the ability to seek out design inspiration from what others
would call dull and uninspiring object that lay around the house. 

Using the
form of a regular hair comb, Micklish created the stunning High & Tight stool
which is created to resemble the teeth of a comb while providing all the functionality
of a regular stool.

However, that is where the similarities between the stool
and a comb cease. The structurally sound and well designed seat actually comes
with a cantilever look which is unusual to say the least. 

The teeth like legs
of the stool are so designed that the two in the middle can be propped forward
so they may be used as the front legs while the remaining two legs form the
rear legs of the seat. 

The seat of the stool itself is created using seven
individual steel plates and the seat looks like it is floating in mid-air
without any support from the legs but it is actually very soundly made and can
support the full weight of a user.

These steel plates are mated to black walnut wood that make
up the legs of the chair though one assumes that a user may need to throw a
cushion onto the stool before using it, to make it comfier and pleasant to sit in. That being said, the steel plates also allow the stool to be used as an end
table or a corner table which makes the piece all the more versatile and fully
suited to multiple functions in interior décor schemes.