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How about living inside an anti-gravity house?

Zero Gravity House

This amazing and innovative design is from the architects at Bureau Spectacular who have attempted to provide an anti-gravity aspect to the entire room. We all have been curious to figure out how it would be like to float in space and experience zero-gravity – well, this room does exactly that for you! Tilted on an axis, this anti-gravity room rotates in a constant manner making a single rotation in one hour. The best part about this piece of architecture is that all the spaces available – such as the floors, walls and ceiling – are all put to use as they become a plane upon rotation. This way, our Feng Shui decisions also have to change as the surfaces keep changing.

The anti-gravity room was the outcome of the basic idea that once the surfaces keep rotating, all the surfaces can be treated separately and can be utilized – making the conventional orthographic plans obsolete in this case. The entire Phalanstery Module completes one rotation in one hour – just like a clock- making it possible for each surface to be used in every 15 minutes!

This amazing design can surely be a great concept for saving in on space – however, the part about experiencing zero-gravity is still debatable as floating cannot be experienced in such a format.

Via: Notcot/Gizmodo