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How to Care For Your Mattress and Make it Last Longer

Care For Your Mattress

A good quality mattress can involve a significant financial investment. So, you need to make sure that you get as much use from the mattress as you can. In order to extend the life of your mattress, you need to take good care of it.

Making sure that your mattress is looked after protects the investment that you made when you purchased it. This is especially important if you have bought a mattress that is designed especially for you, such as a custom size mattress. So what should you do to care for your mattress?

Support your mattress

Mattress It’s not just buying a good mattress that is important, you need to make sure that you have a decent bed frame as well. Having a frame that is well made and sturdy means that it provides a good level of support for your mattress. This helps to prevent bowing and damage to your mattress.

Rotate your mattress

You should not leave your mattress in the same position for more than 6-months. At the end of every 6-month period, you should rotate your mattress, so that wear is spread evenly. If you have a mattress that has a strong core, you should also flip it over on a regular basis.

Allow your mattress to breathe

Allow your mattress to breatheIn order to remain clean and in good condition, a mattress needs to be able to breathe. This means that you need to keep your bedroom ventilated. In order to do this, you can leave the windows open. You can also use other forms of ventilation in the room if you want to keep the windows closed. In addition, it’s a good idea to use a slatted bed base, as this makes it easier for the mattress to breathe.

Use a mattress protector

If there is no removable cover on your mattress, you should think about using a mattress protector. This is because the protector does what the name suggests and helps to keep dirt away from the mattress. You should remove the mattress protector on a regular basis and wash it. Doing this helps to improve the freshness of your mattress.

Keep your mattress cover clean

Keep your mattress cover cleanIf the mattress that you are using has a removable cover, you need to make sure that this cover is kept clean. You should be able to simply remove the cover and wash it.

 If your mattress does not have a removable cover, it’s a good idea to vacuum it. You can also use a damp cloth on the surface. Remember that you should rub gently and not scrub. Follow this checklist while clean your house.

 A mattress is something that has a huge effect on the quality of your sleep. If you care for your mattress well it will remain in good condition and your sleep will be protected. Caring for your mattress also helps to protect your initial investment. It does so because it helps the mattress to last for several years, so you do not have to continually spend money on buying a new mattress. 

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