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How to Give Common Office Leasing Mistakes a Swerve

If your company is just coming out of the start-up phase, or you’re entering the next phase of growth, you’ll need to lease your first office, or maybe to move up to a bigger one. You need the sort of space that satisfies the needs of you and your staff, but also has room for movement and growth. This space also needs to be in a location that’s easy to get to for both your employees and your clients. Of course your company’s needs are unique, with your priorities being different to those of other companies. Before you start your search, though, find out more about some commonly-made mistakes…

Not giving yourself enough time to search properly

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You must give yourself plenty of time to look for the ideal office space – you may be looking for offices to let in Kingston-upon-Thames, but this isn’t a small area so you might need to look at a few before you’re happy. This could take a few weeks, and then you have to start all the paperwork and the checks and all the rest… If your existing lease is ending, you don’t want to be forced into a compromise just so you have a place to work!

Make sure you have the right amount of space

This is a toughie – it can be hard to work out how much space you’ll actually need and what you’ll be using it for. You want room to move and for a fancy breakout space, but you don’t want to be paying for square footage that you never use. Then again, you don’t want your workers to be cramped together and getting on each others’ nerves! The Health and Safety Executive has office allocation guidelines if you need them, but after you’ve made your calculations, add a bit more on for all those new employees you’ll be hiring as you expand!

Don’t be tempted to spend too much

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You’ve got your budget, but then you see that office space – with the spiral staircase and the relaxation room and the views… You immediately start thinking about what you can do to come up with the extra £500 a month… Stop right there. It’s a workplace, not a gamble or a challenge. If you’ll have to give up things, or work even harder to pay for it, park it for now. It’s not worth the stress. You have a budget for a reason, so don’t go over it.

Finding the wrong location

Finding a good location isn’t just about transport links and cool bars and coffee shops, or about having the right postcode, it’s about how well you’ll fit in with the neighbours. If you are planning to open your specialist wine emporium right next door to the hall where Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held, or next to a sixth form college, you’re asking for trouble. Similarly, you don’t want to step on the toes of the competition – choose neighbours that will complement you, not compete.

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