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How To: Make pool table for your home

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If you think that pool table is just not the right thing you can afford to keep, then after reading this article you’ll definitely change your perception. Pool table no longer remains the game of notable people, you can well leisure it within small space of your house. Wondering as to how? Well, all you need is some time, patience, and few steps to follow. Making your own pool table is fun and relatively easy, you can also play anytime you like and even enjoy home table advantage when challenging opponents. So, lets go forward and design a pool table that too at a nominal cost.

• Design the base of the table: The primary step is to build the base of the billiards table. You’ll need two pieces of wide hardwood that measure eight foot long for the length, and two pieces that are four feet, two inches wide. You can also make a larger table depending upon the space of your room. Place the wood together into a rectangular shape, and secure the corners with wood screws.

• Make use of smoother surface: Use a flat, hard piece for your playing surface, since play will suffer if this board is warped. Cut the divots for the six holes, one at each corner and one in the middle of each side. Sand this piece carefully and set it aside.

• Add support: Measure and cut additional hardwood to make four supports that will go across the width of the billiards table. Fasten the supports in place with additional wood screws.

• Support the base: Cut beams to serve as the legs of your pool table. You can turn these in a plane if you want a more decorative look. Sand the rest of the parts of your pool table and apply the polish and lacquer you want. You can also buy the readymade legs if you do not want to get into mush of a fuss.

• Furnish the top: Now comes furnishing the top of the table. Measure and cut two thick pieces of plywood, or pressed wood that will cover the top of the base of the billiards table. Screw the wood onto the base by using wood screws.

• Apply Slatron wood: Slatron makes the surface smoother. It is pretty light and inexpensive and is light as well. Place this wood over the plywood and screw it with the base.

• Assemble the parts together: Assemble the pool table and bolt the legs to the bottom of the table edges. Use brackets to attach the playing surface to the bottom of the edges.

• Add some more finish: Finish your table by adding little nets to the pockets to catch the balls when you sink them.

• Apply green felt: Now cover the Slatron with the green felt or any color of your choice. The felt should not be stretched too tight, and sticked with the adhesive.

• Install the railing: Decorate the board with the railings of about two inches wide. You’ll need only four pieces to completely circle the billiards table.

• Final finish: Now sand the wood with sandpaper, and then apply the paint. Let it dry and apply two to three coats for a better look.

• Last but not the least: Do not forget to buy a set of billiard balls, some pool cues, cue chalk, and a ball rack, else you’ll have to satisfy yourself with the board itself.

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