How to Pick a Bidet Toilet Seat

Pick a Bidet Toilet Seat

bidet is usually a small receptacle or basin intended to be placed on top of a washbasin for the explicit purpose of cleaning the private genitalia, perineum, inner thighs, and bottom. The more modern variety comes with a detached drainage path and a dedicated water source and therefore is a class of sink fixtures subjected to local sanitation regulations. Historically, bidets were used by priests and religious healers to cleanse their sacred areas. Today a bidet can be seen in public bathrooms and lavatories all around the world. Bidets also come in a variety of materials and can come in stand-alone units or even as part of a shower enclosure.

Low Sink Design

Low Sink DesignOne of the most popular types of bidets is the low sink/bidet combination. With a low sink design, the washbasin sits on a tray that’s placed underneath the sink and has a long, curved handle attached to it. The user places his or her hands in the hands of the bidet and draws water from the bowl via the handle, which then gets flushed against the back of the wearer’s legs. There are two types of bidet designs available; straight and curved. A straight bidet has only one nozzle; curved types have additional hand-holders and spray nozzles at the end.

Handheld Bidet

Another kind of bidet that is gaining popularity today is the handheld bidet. A handheld bidet has a flexible hose that can be extended to reach far up the posterior for cleaning the genital areas. They also have a control switch that allows the user to adjust the spray nozzle to a wider spray depth. Handheld bidets are ideal for those who are not able to use their wider range of sinks and lavatories.

Toilet and Sink

bidet Toilet and Sink For some, the toilet and sink are enough bidet systems. These toilets are available in single or dual flush models. A single flush toilet requires that the toilet seat is flushed as part of the method of cleaning the area. For those who prefer to do their cleansing, it may find it easier to use the dual flush bidet; its nozzle gets water from the bowl, and the seat also gets water.

How to Select a Bidet

There are various types of bidet toilet on the market today, but all have one common element. They are all designed to provide a comfortable, sanitary wash. When selecting a bidet, the size of the toilet and/or lavatory will play a major role in the type of bidet you select. If you are looking for a wash that will get your whole body drenched, the wash water supply must be sufficient.

Once you’ve determined the right washpot and bidet for your circumstances, the next step is to decide on the type of nozzle. The main types are straight spray, cartridge spray, and stream spray. With straight spray, water is shot over a long and narrow jet of water. Cartridge spray is done by squirting a long stream of water from the nozzle and it is the most popular choice of bidet nozzle.

If you are looking for a very warm air wash, you might want to consider the warm air bidet toilet seats. The warm air jets provide an extremely thorough washing which feels and smells great. They also offer more than just drying; they provide a therapeutic, soothing wash that can help relieve stress. Many people who buy bidet toilet seats are surprised at how quickly they feel fully recovered from whatever has caused them to become fatigued.

Although a bidet seat looks cool, the most important factor to consider when purchasing one is functionality. If you plan on using it for some time other than just going on one occasion with the clothes you want to wash, make sure that the bidet seat can hold as many clean clothes as you plan to use it for. Some brands of bidet toilet seats will hold up to 20 bags of toilet paper at one time, which means you don’t have to do this manually every time you have to wash your genitals. You’ll find that they are quite affordable and they are convenient to clean and maintain as well.

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