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How to reuse unusual things as planters

When it comes to gardening, we are so lazy, at least I am. But, when I see stuff that people have done with in their gardens (whatever little they have), I am just so inspired to take it up too. By stuff, what I mean here is that I have seen people converting the most unusual things into planters for their garden, balconies and tables. And, in this post I will just mention to you what those unusual things could possibly be, just to stimulate your creativity. Check it out.

• Old Car
old carplanter
It will look one stunning piece of sculptural mini garden in your front yard. I am sure it will be a subject of envy of your neighbors. See it here.

• Freezer Chest
freezer chest
I didn’t know that the freezer chest had the potential to be a planter, but it does. How? Check it out here.

• Charcoal Grill
charcoal grill
Another stunner, not only in terms of innovation, but also in terms of looks. How? See it here.

• Toilet Seat
toilet seat
It will look a stunning sculpture in your garden and may also succeed to surprise your visitors when you place it at the entrance (they might miss it in the garden). See it here.

• Vintage Refrigerator Drawers
vintage referigerator drawer
First it was the freezer chest, now it is the drawers. I really like this one. See it here.

• Shoes
planters old shoes boots 800x800
These could look really cute as planters on your table. See the steps here.

• Tires
tires as garden planters
This might not be that innovative, but it sure does fall in the category of unusual. See the steps here.

• Coffee cup and teapot for your table

coffee cup planter

But, include the sauce too. Trust me, it will look really nice perched on the table. And, as far as teapot is concerned, it will be nice if you would use the one without the lid. I saw it here first.