7- Out-of-the-box indoor plant decoration ideas

Have Pretty Pots

Decorating your home with lots of plants and greenery is always a good idea; it not only makes your home beautiful but also improves the air quality of your house. Plants add positive energy and vibes around. There are so many ways you can decorate the different parts of your home whether its living room, bedroom, kitchen balcony or kids room. However, planning for indoor plants is easy but it needs to be taken care of. Let’s see some of the indoor plant decoration ideas to include in your home.

Wall-mounted house plant display

 Wall-mounted-house-plant-displayIf you are having a small space or home this are the perfect plant decoration ideas for small apartments in 2018. Yes, including indoor plants doesn’t mean that you require a bigger space, there are some ideas from which you can easily include your favorite indoor plants and without covering extra space. For example, you can get beautiful hanging houseplants or a wall mounted house plants display.

Sometimes hanging plants becomes unpractical but you can easily use wall mounted one. In such situations you can add a floating shelf to hold a collection of plants in the wall. Place this behind your sofa wall; this can actually work wonder for space behind the wall and fill empty space. You can also add unique and classy pots to make it more beautiful. Just make sure to watering and give it proper light whenever possible.

Large Plants Decoration Next to the Sofa

Another idea is to add a large plant to your living room and next to your sofa. It’s one area of your house or even a corner which is neglected or ends up getting a little bit empty. We often end up putting a boring corner table or lamps. Make use of that space to do something interesting. Adding a plant can enhance the look of your room. Choose a big pot to have your plant, which looks even more beautiful and add a classy touch to your home décor.

There are so many varieties of pots available. You can even match it up with the color of your space or something contrasting. Peace lily or rubber plant can go well with this space.  As we said, a bigger plant can do the work for you and it looks good next to your sofa areas and adds a style and greenery to your living space.

Indoor House Plants for decorating Stairways

Indoor-House-Plants-for-decorating-StairwaysOne of the ways to add indoor plants to your home is to place it near the stairways or on the stairways. Stairways are one of the important parts of your house and usually, the side space is kept empty and blank. Decorating your home with plants can add some color and décor to make the stairways beautiful and lively. Again if you are choosing to keep your indoor plants on the stairways, always keep in mind space, and make sure it doesn’t come on your way and you have enough space to set the plants.

Once you are done with space, choose small plants in beautiful pots. There are different ways to decorate the stairways, either choose many small pots with plants to put in every step or if you think it can get cluttered, use a single grand plant to place on the entrance of the stairways. Your stairways will look stunning and make a nice style statement.

Window houseplant displays

There is a special way to decorate your window, yes, what great way to give your window a décor and add plants into it. This is again an Innovative way to include plants in your home décor. It is a good way to benefit from the natural sunshine from a window.  Secure the small pots with hangers to hang it with your window. It makes a beautiful display by hanging it varying in heights. You can also add a lot string of pearl plants or air plants which can grow anywhere and looks cute too. To make it more appealing, add a colorful neon string to hang the pots into the window to make it more attractive.

Have Pretty Pots, Customize them on your own

If you are keeping these pretty plants in your house, why do plants and pots should be left unattended? Plants look more beautiful when it is paired with nice and unique pots. This is a way to integrate decoration in your plants and both complement each other. Choose from the beautiful range of pots and vases, ranges you like ceramic pots. There are a number of steel and artistic plants also available which you can easily combine with your plants. Another way is to use old pots and paint it and customized according to your choice. Give nice designs and color to it which can make the plant look even more beautiful.

Rack of plants

There are various ways to decorate your house with plants and these ideas can be used to decorate any parts of your home. First, find out from any home space where you need to decorate with plants and where you find space is empty. Instead of giving a décor with pictures, frames and other decorative items, decorate with nice plants on a nice shelf with bench. Add a bench shelf on your wall and choose smaller plants to decorate. Small pots with the smaller plant will work on this type of shelf. It looks beautiful near the window and gives a fresh feel to your space.

Quick tip: – One of the quick ways to enhance the look of the rack is paint it to add a splash of color from boring wooden frame look.

Kitchen garden

How can you forget to decorate the most special place of your house? It’s your kitchen, yes; the kitchen is one place which has to be clean, hygienic, and fresh. A window box garden is the best idea to include in your kitchen. It is a small and cost-effective way to grow herbs and vegetable which you can use in your day to day life.  If you think it’s taking too much space, try having a cute vertical garden near your window. It looks beautiful and saves you space too.  This you can place anywhere in your kitchen with lots of herbs and plants. Add vegetables which grow inside and can help you in your cooking as well and also make your kitchen aromatic with nice herbs all day.

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