Hush lets you ignore deafening noises around you


The Product:
Noise-canceling devices reduce unwanted ambient sounds (i.e., acoustic noise) by means of active noise control. Hush is one such device which is designed for urban habitats. As population density is increasing day by day, the noise pollution is also increasing with it. So, why not use a noise cancellation device like ‘Hush’ to avoid the unwanted noises.

The Manufacturer:
Emil Blanco, an Industrial Design student studying at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, designed this wonderful device.

Everyday we come across all the different kinds of noises in our areas. This device provides us with some calm and silent environ. The product mainly lives on the nightstand or bedside table but can be located in any area of the apartment where silence is desired.

Hush technology aims to relieve the excess noise that we experience. Of course, there already are low-tech solutions to the problem. Ear-plugs and sound dampeners are available, but they are neither very convenient nor very efficient. Hush tries to ‘block’ the sound at the source instead of trying to prevent the sounds from entering our ear canals. Hush can completely cancel out the bothering noice of neighbors, also you can play your favorite music, or sync your alarm through Hush. It also charges your mobile device.

The wooden half of the products can be used for keeping books or a glass of water and gives it a natural look. It also features a glowing light as your alarm goes off to ensure a peaceful wake up.

Hi-tech Features:
Sounds travel through the air or through liquids in the form of waves, and each of these waves has a particular shape. Hush first relies on small microphones that detect the sounds in a given environment. A digital signal processor determines what sound wave is required to cancel the unwanted sound wave, and then it creates that sound and amplifies it through speakers or headphones.

Noise promotes stress and, thus, could cause illness. Fight back against it with Hush Technology.

Source: Behance

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