Lend your leafy buddy a voice with the Plant Whisperer


If only there was something or someone to remind you to water your cherished plant in these busy times! Well, the Plant Whisperer – a brainchild of designer/technologist Jeff-O – is just what you need. This innovative device measures the moisture in the soil of the particular plant every two hours, and then duly reports this status out loud.

Says Jeff-O, the creator…

The message content depends on the soil condition. For example, if the soil is too dry, the plant might say, “I’M THIRSTY! WATER ME!” If the moisture is okay, it might say “I’M A HAPPY PLANT!”

The Plant Whisperer also detects the level of ambient light available to the plant, while reporting this too. Based upon a Parallax Propeller, which makes real time text-to-speech easy to implement – the Plant Whisperer costs about $30 to build.


Via: Hacked Gadgets

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