Ideas for Decorating a Home Office with an Awkward Shape

Shape up your awkwardly shaped space

The problem of space is something that is being faced by almost everyone around the world. The real estate market is at its peak and thus it is not affordable by everyone to purchase a new building to make an office to work from. Even the rents are on all time high and thus, it would not be a wise idea to get a place at rent when you are planning to start a new business as you can’t be certain about your returns and incurring fixed expenses before getting any income would definitely not be a good start for the business. However, you can always use a spare room of your home as your office by giving it a professional look. This won’t even cost you much as you would just be required to make a bit of changes in the interior. Even if the room is a bit awkwardly shaped, here are some of the ideas to make it look perfect for your clients to visit:

Home Office 2

Play with patterns and colours

The best way to hide all the awkwardness in the shape of your room is to paint all the walls along with the furniture, windows and doors with a single colour. You can also use wallpapers with small decent patterns to cover everything up. However, it will be highly recommended to not go for geometric or stripped patterns as they will underline the shape even more. Also, avoid using multiple colours to pain your room as it ends up highlighting the different walls and hence their shapes.

Choose your furniture and fittings carefully

While designing an awkwardly shaped room, make sure that you shop for the furniture very carefully. Pick up the chairs, table and cupboards of the odd sizes so that they can fit in all those tiny corners of your room. You can even use photo frames or pasting boards in the uneven roofing corners in order to fill that empty space with something which can divert the attention of the onlooker from the shape of the wall.

Home Office 1

Make the most out of that useless, awkwardly shaped room of your house by making it your office to work from. Design it with the even patterns and carefully picked items instead of using too many colours in order to give it a good enough look for your clients to feel the right environment when they visit you.

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