Landscaping Ideas to Make your Garden Party-Ready

As the first buds of spring turn into vibrant blooms, it’s time to start thinking about how to get your outdoor space in tip top shape. Spring and summer are ideal seasons for outdoor parties, from kids’ birthday parties to graduation get-togethers and basic barbecues. Here are a few ways to get your garden ready to entertain guests, even after a long winter.

Start with Spring Cleaning

Is your garden looking a little less than presentable? The first order of business should be to spruce it up with a bit of cleaning. Use the start of fine weather to get rid of dead branches, clear away weeds, and trim your shrubs. Kickstart new growth by giving your existing plant life a good trim and it will be ready to flourish for a new season.

Add Annuals for Colour

The next order of business is to assess your garden to see where you can plant some new plants. If there are patches that seem dull, add colour with vividly hued annuals. These don’t take much time at all to become a living part of our landscape. Look for warm-season annuals like begonias, petunias, and marigolds that will be able to easily integrate into your landscape. The best options will depend on your climate, naturally.

Spruce Up Bare Batches with Potted Plants

You can complement these patches of flowers by dotting potted plants around the garden. Do you have a courtyard or decking area that you plan to hold your party in? Add splashes of colour with potted flowers and little trees. These can create a lush ambience even if you don’t have tons of room to spare.

Create Sheltered Areas

Just because it’s April, it doesn’t mean that the weather is always going to cooperate with your party plans. Have a plan B if the elements aren’t in your favour by ensuring that there are covered areas for guests to gather. A gazebo, converted shed, or table with umbrellas can help your guests stay dry and shaded at the same time. This is particularly important if you’re holding a children’s party with fancy dresses – you don’t want kids to go to all the effort of dressing up only to get drenched.

Add a Fire Pit

Finally, a fire pit provides a sociable focal point for any garden party. They work well in all seasons. What is a charming bonfire in the summer can be a spooky fire for guests to gather with their Funidelia Halloween costumes in the autumn. As you set up your fire pit, think about how to make it a more sociable, inviting area. Make sure there’s plenty of seating around it, so that guests can cosy up as the sun sets. Use colourful pillows and side tables for guests to set down their drinks.

With a bit of rearranging furniture and planting new floral life, you can easily transform your winter garden into the vibrant setting for this year’s most memorable gatherings!

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